Thursday, February 08, 2007

the food diary

Its taken me a little while to get into it, but I'm back using a food diary and it feels good. I've had a couple shocker days, but all in all it seems to be going well. I threw the Slimming magazine food diary in the recycling and have been keeping tabs of my food in a text file (ha! so high tech). Its all cute and colour coded though! I am wishing I owned Excel so I could make my calories and fat add up all by itself instead of me counting on my fingers, its quite tedious!

Exercise, of course, is my down fall! Especially since it's the return of rating season.. holy crap, the tv is so damn good right now! For a while there I wasnt watching tv at all. I would be home all day working, then it would be 10pm and I'd realise the tv hadnt been on once. And it was nice. But geez, who can resist the return of House and Prison Break. And The Biggest Loser has started. And Heroes, My Name is Earl and oh, its just too much for a girl to handle!

My life is so sad...

Speaking of sad, I went shopping on the weekend. I had been avoiding the shops because the boy and I are on a savings mission but we have an engagement and baptism to attend soon so I thought I should start looking. No luck! Everything I liked was always just a tiny bit too tight. About 5 kilos too tight. I am, however, digging the mustard yellows I keep seeing. I must get me a mustard yellow cardigan, so cute!

I think I just blogged out my plan. Less tv + more exercise = 5 kilos gone = cuter clothes for parties.

In other exciting news, our veggie garden is pretty much dead. A caterpillar has grown very fat eating all my spinach and basil. And our tomatoes arent getting enough nutrients (due to the boys suggestion of planting tomatoes in a little planter box!). I have been fertilising and using worm wee but to no avail. The tomatoes will have to be transplanted to my mums real garden.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Thank you glossy magazine!

At the supermarket check out tonight I picked up a copy of 'Slimming and Health' magazine, and I bought it for the read (damn supermarkets and their positioning of magazines.. evil I tell you). Attached to the front was a 'hand bag size Food and Fitness Diary' - ooohh lucky me! (note the sarcasm)

Well I thought since I'd had a reasonably healthy day besides a 600 ml coke, I'd fill it out and feel pretty good about myself. Not quite! 1940 calories and 69.7 grams of fat. Holy crap sticks! Living in denial my friend.

Wanna know what I ate?

1 toasted cheese and vegemite sandwich
(wholemeal bread, little butter, low fat cheese)

1/2 a peanut butter and honey sandwich
1 cappuccino with 1/2 teaspoon of sugar

Small serve of wholemeal pasta with grilled asparagus, fetta and a little olive oil
600 ml coke

Small veal steak crumbed in wholemeal bread, fried with smear of olive oil (it was a smear, I swear!)
Steamed carrots, green beans and broccoli, dash of olive oil
Small boiled potato

4 squares of dark chocolate

And I just remembered I didnt even add the 3 nuts I ate whilst unpacking the groceries : )

I guess if I take out the coke and the chocolate it wouldnt have been so bad - 1480 calories and 55.7 grams of fat. And I could have substituted the honey and peanut butter sandwich for some yoghurt. And if I had done this, my day would have been perfect-o! (oh, and I should have eaten some fruit.. god damn it)

So now I'm thanking Slimming and Health magazine for a little wake up call. I might just start filling out my hand bag sized Food and Fitness diary for the prescribed 7 weeks. I dont want to go back to counting calories hardcore but I could definitely do it for 7 weeks to keep my (expanding) ass in line!

Remember, I said this was a healthy day. I can only imagine the figures from yesterday. What have I been doing to myself? I have noticed my clothes getting tighter, my belly feeling 'jiggly-er'. The scales arent saying much - they tell me I weigh 75 kg. Thats 3 kilos more than what I was 6 months ago, but 6 months ago I had some muscle.

I'm going to go ponder, in a non depressing kind of way! Wish me luck : )

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

super duper busy

this last week and a half has been flat out... too much work and too much play. And now I've got some sort of flu-y thing. But I'll soilder on! I've just completed a big job today so I can chill out a little bit now...

Healthy food and exercise was non existent! There is something about a web design job that has me sitting for hours staring at the computer and drinking copious amounts of coca cola like a 14 year old boy playing wizard computer games. Thank god its over! I must find a new way to deal with web design.. it takes over my life. I cant stop until everything is 'working'. oph!

I always do this.. whenever I am stressed out and busy, healthy food and exercise takes second place. The food I should be able to fix. I should have some quick stand by food on hand for the days where I'm working until late. And you know what, now that I'm thinking about it, the exercise part should be easy too! Gosh, I'm not so busy that I cant take 45 mins to get some fresh air and go for a walk. And I always feel so much better for it.

Tonight's dinner was super healthy to make up for the last week - ha! A big bowl of colourful stir-fried veggies, including some super tasty water chestnuts, and a few steamed dumplings. I must remember to buy water chestnuts more often. I love eating them straight out of the can.. apparently they are a good source of vitamin c, iron and potassium. And its yin (as opposed to yang)! and I totally dont know if I'm yin or yang, but whatever : )

And I'm so naughty, I've been smoking. I feel like crap because of it. That will be changing again, very very soon. Says she with a cigarette in her hand right now!

Saturday, January 13, 2007

our babies

our babies - the vegie patch
Originally uploaded by nat and sulo.

a few weeks back the boy and I did a little gardening and sowed seeds in these old planters stuck to our courtyard fence. (note the tres sexy red brick.. eek!) In the first image you can see tall tomatoes towards the back and eggplant (known as aubergine in some circles) in the forground. Next is a close up of some spinach (we planted another lot of spinach, but it doesnt get as much sun and has been stunted). Then we have some parsely and basil. We also have oregano and baby carrots.

The boy and I often fight over who gets to water them. If one of us is missing from the house, there is a good chance the person in question will be standing by the veggie planter boxes, just looking.

Somethings to remember today:

  • water! I'm feeling kinda dehydrated.

  • yogalates. I would have preferred a swim but its overcast and a little windy.

  • I have to work tonight. no more procrastinating!

  • I'm off to get coffee! Enjoy your weekend!

    Friday, January 12, 2007


    Originally uploaded by nat and sulo.
    true to my word, I put a little extra effort into dinner tonight. I made polenta. Embarrassingly, I've never eaten polenta before, and I was rather impressed. Originally I wanted grilled polenta with mixed mushrooms.. but the local vege shop only had two rather bland varieties of mushrooms left which were hardly appealing! So it was soft polenta with spinach and parmesan. balsamic and thyme baked tomato. and some eye fillet.

    I'm off for my walk!

    house wife.

    I've just made YP's apple and apricot compote and its very delicious. I cheated a little by only soaking the apricots for 30 mins (it was a last minute decision to make it for breakfast and I was hungry!) I was hoping to eat my apple compote with some natural yoghurt, but alas, it had gone bad. The only other yoghurt was some naughty King Island Dairy vanilla bean. Its a 'dessert' yoghurt and it was all a bit too much with the compote so I ended up eating around the yoghurt and of course, now I'm still hungry : )

    The Boy is currently in discussions with his old boss about his old job with a brand new salary! Before we went on holidays, The Boy did the same as me.. quit his job with the intention of doing something different when we returned. And he did. He got his dream position at his dream company. (damn him and his super luck!) but it turned out its not as dreamy as we had hoped. So his old boss has offered him his old job back with a ludicrously huge pay increase. If all is well and he accepts, this will mean I can be totally carefree about my creative pursuits - not worrying if they will bring in enough money to cover the rent. And this feels fabulous. However, this will have me doing more cleaning! The Boy is totally cool with me earning sporadic money, as long as he doesnt have to clean the house. He begrudgingly abides by my feminist 'if we both contribute financially to the running of the household, then we both must contribute to the up keep of the household' rule. Its about to totally swing his way, god damn it!

    My health is just coasting along at the moment. I've recovered from my tummy bug. I've been eating well, but nothing spectacular. The Boy and I made a wonderful stew on Wednesday night - saute onion and beef, add tomato paste, water and a heap of whatever vegies are around, a crap load of pepper and simmer, simmer, simmer. It was just so simple and delicious. I miss that The Boy is always at work during dinner time. I could never be bothered to 'stew' something just for my little old self (even though its easy as, its kinda hard to make a 'small' stew). Must put more energy into my dinners!

    Its going to be a killer hot day - over 40C they say. Which means a swim and a walk along the beach around 8pm will be in order! Until then, I'm keeping locked inside with a pile of work that needs to be done, ugh : )

    Wednesday, January 10, 2007

    swimmers and stuff

    I bought new swimmers today! I have been meaning to buy some new ones for ages, but I hadnt planed to buy any today which meant it wasnt stressful at all. I saw a cute 50's style one piece in black with gorgeous green leaves all over, tried it on and it looked lovely! (well as lovely as a pair of swimmers is going to look on me). I've searched all over the internet to find a picture of them to show, but alas, I cant find them. The only draw back was the price.. so they are in lay-buy (lay away for some) until pay day. Its scary that lycra can run into 3 figures! But they will look so cute with a big black floppy hat!

    Cute swimmers make swimming in public much more bearable. I'm going to look fat no matter what, but at least the fat is wrapped nicely.

    The last few days haven't been too good. I seem to have some sort of tummy bug. I was sick a lot in Turkey, I think I broke some sort of Guinness record of 'how many times a person can get travellers diarrhoea in 4 months' so I think my digestive system is still quite sensitive. I've been weak and nauseous but today I think its all over. I have to strengthen my tummy. Lots of yoghurt and yakult is in order! Any other suggestions?

    Scales say I'm down a kilo which is wonderful! I'm still 'up' compared to what I was before christmas but I'm working on it : )