Friday, July 29, 2005

one week chocolate free!

how fun! I made it! And I almost made it on the coke, its been 4 days coke free : )

I told my Boy that I havent had chocolate for a whole week, and whilst he was impressed, he was a little concerned too 'you didnt used to eat THAT much chocolate, did you?' No, but the chocolate represents! The 'no chocolate' represents a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

Yesterday I joined the cheap gym! And cheap it is. They had a special on, $450 for the whole year if you paid upfront. It is a little dodgy and kinda smells like Glen 20, but that means its clean, right? hehe. And all the big muscle men are in a separate room to the cardio machines. whoo hoo! With my membership, I get 10% off Rebel Sport, so I purchased some cross trainers. Its the first pair of REAL sports shoes I think I have ever bought, all my other runners are 'fashion' shoes. I was a little pissed at the lack of choice in women's sport shoes though. Walls and walls of mens shoes, and a little corner dedicated to women, and all of those were ug-ly! I dont think the guy at Rebel appreciated me telling him this, but its true. Why cant they make cross trainers that look as cute as the fashion runners?

And whilst I was in the mood to spend money on myself, I purchased 'The lazy girls guide to losing weight and getting fit' A.J Rochester. I've been wanting to buy this for a long time but always felt a little embarrassed, but lately I've just been thinking 'fuck it'. Much like how I went to the beauty salon to get a bikini wax (a g-string bikini wax actually, I had to ask the 16 year old girl exactly what that was, ha!). I normally wax myself because I've never wanted the skanky teen girls looking at my fat thighs but 'fuck it' - they chose to wax fannies (the australian fanny, not the US fanny, although they wax those too) so they can look at my fat fanny : )

(and I feel a little bad calling them skanky, but at this particular place, they really are all skanky. All of them are under 20, wear shit lots of sparkly make up, big hoop earrings, and BIG hair.. they crack me up)

So far, the lazy girls guide is exactly what I need. She is spot on about how I want to do lose weight and get fit and healthy (minus the processed, pre-prepared foods she seems to advocate in the beginning, but I guess it does make life easier and its better than chinese take-out)

I could write a huge post on the lazy girls guide, but I'll save it until I've finished it.

Got to go do the washing before I can hit the gym. tah tah!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

woop woop!

officially 77kg! and my belly feels small today, my little little belly!

I must stop staying up crazily late reading weightloss blogs. last night it was until 2am (sure, I got home from work at midnight, but thats not the point) so today I got up after 10am! ugh, I feel like I'm wasting my days.

must. get. off. computer.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

still no chocolate! and other randoms

4 days chocolate free! and 4 days with 600mls of coca cola (which is bloody good considering some days I would have a 1.25ltr bottle all to myself)

I almost bought a chocolate today without even thinking about it! I was at the shops buying some leb bread, and diet coke and thought I'd get a caramello koala as a little treat, not even really thinking. Luckily, I remembered my contract and just got some lifesaver musk lollies instead : ) I somehow cant have this same control with coke. Its my evil weakness. How do I beat my coke addiction? how!?!

I went to my drawing class last night. Not very eventful, and I'm not too excited about it... the teacher is really into pastels, which I have no interest in, but I must keep an open mind, I may grow to love them. Getting to class was an accomplishment! I walked there, after a little battle with the boy. He wanted me to catch the bus so we could spend sometime together. And as guilty as I felt, I knew I had to walk and make time for myself and my fitness. The boy isnt very observant.. I've been logging my food and exercise on my dietdiary, constantly leaving the program on the screen in his full view, and he yet to say anything. Either he is being polite and letting me do my own stuff, not wanting to say anything 'wrong' about my weight (cause lordy, he knows he can get into big trouble! haha!) or he is just blind and in his own little world. I hope its the former, otherwise I could get rather offended : )

*two hours later* ha! the boy came home just as I was writing this.. and some how an advert on tv for 'Lite 'n' Easy' opened the floodgates and he now knows that I'm using diet diary and he read my whole journal. Done. I feel better.

But anywho! I've totally lost my train of thought.

oh! I've signed up for Renee's challenge. So to achieve this, I've got to continue with the dietdiary, drinking atleast 2ltrs of water a day, and exercising atleast 3 times a week. I can do this! 5lbs is 2.2kg, so by September 3rd, I will be a minimum of 76kg... hopefully 75kg or less though!

Tomorrow I'm going to find out about the gym, and maybe buy a workout dvd. yay.

Monday, July 25, 2005

I love my diet diary

I'm really getting into my new diet diary! lists, graphs, charts - they all rock my boat and give me something to work towards. Last night I made a plan of what I was going to eat today to make sure I stayed reached my daily limits of protein, carbs, fat and fibre, whilst staying under my kilojoule limit.. its so much silly fun. And so far, I'm totally on track (besides swapping cereal and fruit for breakfast, with low fat cream cheese and tomatoes on vita weats). For lunch I had a huge chicken and salad sandwich on wholemeal bread, then a little blood orange and some strawberries for a snack. And if I add in the 45 minute walk I'm about to take, I've still got over 3000 kj I can eat. How is this possible? I could eat a Big Mac and small fries and still be within my 'budget' - but I wont : )

I have to eat out tonight, actually, because I'm starting my 'creative drawing' class and have to be there at 6:30pm, but have to go to the art supply shop before 6pm and plan on walking there (takes 45 mins). So I have to leave here at 5pm at the latest. And 5pm is way too early to eat dinner, so I plan on getting something before class starts. It needs to be quick, and healthy, and not too far from the school. There is sushi right next door, but I'm not in the mood for sushi. I really want shish! with lots of salad and rice and cacik, but there is no Turkish close enough. Oh the dilemas! : )

I must go shower and get ready for my first day at class - which I'm really quite worried about. I cant draw! Ha! I mean, I can, but its not traditional, or realistic. Its abstract and wacky, and my talent comes and goes. So hopefully this class will help me develop my style, and let me experiment with different mediums. I just hope that the class isnt filled with talented realistic illustrators! I just have to remember that I'm doing this for ME, not to impress anyone.

tah tah kiddies!

Sunday, July 24, 2005

sweet sunday

Today was fabulous! It has been so long since my boy and I have woken up together in bed.. it was beautiful. It was a gorgeous sunny winter's day, I felt all clean and fresh. And we had our favourite breakfast meal. It consists of fetta, olives, eggs, sliced tomato and fresh spelt bread straight from the bakery, all laid out on the table, then we dig in. No individual plates and only a fork. We rip the bread with our hands, and dip it into the egg yolk, add some fetta, maybe a bit of tomato, and sprinkle some sea salt on top. Its so delicious, and I love that its communal, truly sharing a meal together.

We spent the rest of the day visiting friends of ours who have just opened a cafe in Bondi. Its so cute! its tiny, but very cool. Its a goal of mine and chef boy to open our own place, and with about 15 years experience in hospitality between us, I am certain we could do it. We are both passionate about our plan (and often steal menus from places we have dined at and loved, for inspiration... shh.. dont tell anyone!) And seeing this couple doing it, makes the goal so much more achievable. They started it with only 15 grand, and its going bloody good!

After, we went to Coogee and had a long walk in the sun. And then I was oh so naughty! : ) We shared a serve of calamari and chips. It could have been worse, I could have eaten a whole serve to myself, or I could have gone back and got 8 more calamari rings for myself, like chef boy did. He is a pig! Eats anything and everything and struggles to gain weight. (yes, I'm another fat chick with a skinny boyfriend, paula abdul was spot on).

Also, I've downloaded the Diet Diary from to get my eating and exercising in check - just to make sure I'm on the right track.

2 days chocolate free. 2 days with 200mls of full strength coke

Friday, July 22, 2005

to gym, or not to gym

these past few days have been great.. I've been feeling really happy and alive, motivated!

My eating has been pretty good - especially since I haven't worked the last few days (only nights) so I've actually been able to make my own breakfasts and lunches. Although the lack of being at home for the past couple of months has meant the food supply in the house is really low - even on essentials like garlic, or vegemite, or canned tomatoes. So every time I want to eat something, I have to buy everything from scratch - very annoying.

I've made a mini contract with myself not to drink coke (full strength) or eat chocolate for the next week! my body is going to go into major sugar withdrawals, getting ready for the headaches, but I really need to get that crap out of my body. Also, my obsession with coke and chocolate became very clear whilst describing my perfect holiday to chef boy whilst in bed the other night. "I want a holiday right now where I can lay on the hot beach and have people bring me everything I need with the snap of my fingers *snap* bring me a drink *snap* bring me chocolate *snap* rub lotion on my back!". Chef boy sleepily mumbled "chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, coke, coke, coke". He was punched. hard.

I went to the doctors today for a smear, and of course I had to get on the scales. I asked him what I was last time - the response '79kg, so hopefully thats gone down' humph! why did he have to say that before I got on the scales? and unfortunately the scale had gone up - to 80kg! should I trust this man's scale? My home scale swings between 77 and 78kg and I am happy with this, 3kg+ away from being 'overweight' rather than 'obese'. I'm standing by my scales : )

The gym has been popping into my mind over the past few days. And I'm in a bit of a pickle. Should I join the expensive, but very hygienic, well organised, and generally better, women's gym or risk it at the cheaper (much cheaper), slightly dodgy, but I'll be able to work out with my chef boy, unisex gym next door? I dont much care about the women/men deal - I feel uncomfortable when either sex is staring at my ass. And if we both join the gym together (even if we dont actually get a chance to workout together) it adds extra ammo to our 'defacto visa' case (he needs the visa, not me) Cheap gym it is!

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

1 down

I've been a lazy girl. No posting and weightloss/healthy life has kinda been pushed to a small corner in my mind, however it pops up every now and then and forces me to make some smart choices - like walking instead of taking the bus, diet coke instead of coke etc, just little changes that are easy to do. And they have obviously been working because I weighed myself this morning at 77/78kg.

I still dont have a schedule at work yet. I find out the day before what hours I'll be working, maybe two days in advance if I'm lucky, but days like today are no good. I was having a relaxing morning until my mobile phone started ringing - it was work. I ignored it and waited for the voicemail. Then it rang again, and again. Then a number I didnt know popped up, again I waited for the voicemail - it was my bosses wife calling from home begging me to come to work 'oh honey, pleeease, pleeease call me' ugh! when I finally gave in a decided to go to work, his wife admitted that she knew I would 'never say no'. fuck her. thats right. fuck her. they are totally taking advantage of my good nature. So even though I've told them I CANT work week day shifts, only the night, it looks like for the rest of this week I'll be working double shifts. They really need to hire more staff.

So no yoga this week and I doubt I'll have time or energy to do any other sort of planned exercise! But all that walking at work.....excuse me...

**one hour later**

chef boy came home bearing gifts! a huge bunch of pink lilies for little ol' me! he had been a little naughty lately - long story, but two nights of tears with a loooong 'make up' last night (ooohh baby!). The flowers are the icing on the cake. I can count the amount of times he has given me flowers on one hand - and that makes receiving flowers very special. (he often buys me chocolate though... hmmm..) All is forgiven and life is grand again.

must think of something healthy to eat for dinner...