Wednesday, August 31, 2005

a few hours until spring!

Today is the last official day of winter! And I'm so excited that hot weather is just around the corner. I'm excited to put away the heater, to take the extra blanket off the bed, to start wearing thongs (flip flops) everyday (although I wore them most of winter anyways, I love my thongs). I'm hoping by the start of summer, I will be comfortable wearing tank tops by themselves and not just under sleeved tops.

Last week, after weighing in at 74kg, I moved the scale to the just outside the bathroom door. The floor is lovely and flat. I hopped on and the scale said 75kg. So I weighed again and again and yes, the scale accurately read 75kg. So I kept the scale there and kept my weight on here as 74kg. So today when I weighed in, I was 74kg, so its technically a 1kg loss, and I'm sure if I moved the scale back in the bathroom I'd be able to see a 73kg, but I'm leaving it as 74kg because I think its more accurate. But whatever, the scale is going down, thats all that matters!

I've been a slack bitch. But before I write about all the negatives or my plan to change them, I want to take a moment to reflect on how far I've come so far.. (how corn ball!)

  • I am no longer addicted to coca cola. I even bought a 300ml coke the other day, and it took me over 2 hours to finish the little baby of a drink. The coke addiction was a major problem in my 'old' lifestyle. Before I'd be able to drink a litre and a half and not think anything of it. Thats 630 cals and my daily limited of carbs blown! I still have a little diet coke problem, but its the lesser of two evils : )

  • I now feel guilty if I dont workout, and feel it physically too. Before I didnt even think about it.

  • I generally eat more fruit in one day, than I used to eat in one week!

  • my fridge is always stocked with enough fresh food to make a few interesting meals, so I dont resort to the local takeway shop for lunch

  • I always eat breakfast

  • I drink more water

  • I eat chocolate maybe once a week or every two weeks, and its a small serve

  • I'm concious about what I put into my body (thats huge)

  • But the thing is, whilst all of this is fabulous, I'm not doing it as much as I should be. There is room for improvement. So I've decided to bore everyone by posting everyday with my food, exercise and water intake. Having it 'public' will give me motivation to be 'tighter'. I wont be doing this forever, just for the next two weeks. here goes:

    b: special k, lite milk, small banana
    s: sandwich style biscuit with hazelnut filling (no idea on cals/fat. its from Turkey)
    l: open toasted s/wich - artichoke, olives, onion and fetta with basic salad, balsamic dressing
    s: half a cappuccino, strawberries, natural skim yoghurt, honey
    d: 'modified' veal parmigaina, crap load of vegies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrot, green beans) 5 fries

    cal: 1350
    water: 2.4 ltrs
    exercise: nil

    10:40pm - I tried my hardest not to snack on food laying around the kitchen. For the first time in ages I didnt gobble up some Turkish bread, but I did steal some chips (which is actually a lot worse.. haha) must. keep. my. hands. away. from. the. food! And I cant remember the last time I drank that much water, yay for me: )

    Tuesday, August 30, 2005

    this really makes me cringe

    Originally uploaded by chubbagirl.

    I see collar bones

    Originally uploaded by chubbagirl.
    and excuse the white knickers, eesh!

    ooh! photos!

    Originally uploaded by chubbagirl.
    now I can NEVER reveal my face on this blog, EVER! ha. how embarassing : )

    but check it out! I'm not exactly sure how much I weigh in the 'before' because it was taken atleast 18 months ago, but I'm guessing around 84kg. maybe more? maybe less?

    I can see a huge difference though, which is just fabulous.

    Thursday, August 25, 2005

    i ate hungry jacks

    thats Burger King to the rest of the world. (does burger king still exist in Australia, or is it all Hungry Jacks now?)

    Whopper Jnr. no mayonaise. Small fries. Diet Coke.

    And I feel like pure shit.

    Never again.

    Wednesday, August 24, 2005

    the scale moved

    officially 74kg this morning!

    I even moved the scale around a bit to see if it moved much, but 74kg was still the average!

    I went shopping today for interview clothes and found that clothes are definately fitting better. I even went to a store where, before, most things barely fitted, but I left the store with two new tops! They are both a little snug and I would prefer them a tiny tiny bit bigger, but lose me a few kilos and they will fit perfect. I'm a 14 up top and I cant wait until I fit into a size 14 on the bottom (I'm a 16 right now, and was a snug 16 - read: actually a size 18, but would try every 16 until I found a style that would fit) it will open up a world of shopping pleasure. 16 are few and far between. I was totally naughty and spent way too much money and am sitting here with some shoppers guilt.

    Oh, and this afternoon's interview got cancelled, again! haha. oh well, its apparently going to be on tomorrow afternoon. But they are testing my patience. They will call tomorrow morning to tell me if I have an interview for that afternoon - which is really annoying. I have the interview for the other job tomorrow morning at 11 am.

    So to ensure I go to the gym tomorrow, I am going to have to do my workout and be home by 9:30 am. I've never been to the gym at that time, I bet it will be really busy with all the people doing their workouts before work. Damn.

    Tuesday, August 23, 2005

    chubba wants to run!

    yep, thats right. I was at the gym earlier today, walking fast on the treadmill and decided to turn it up a notch to start running - I ran for 1.5 mins then walked for a bit, then did another run for another minute. And it wasnt so hard. It was actually bloody good. I felt oxygen reaching the furthest corners of my body, my head felt clear, I felt healthy.

    So I've looked up the Couch to 5k plan and I'm starting it on Monday (I need a fresh week to start, otherwise all the workouts and weeks will confuse me.. haha) But its posted here, in writing, that I, Chubba Girl, will be running as of Monday!

    In other great news, the job I went for last night, has asked me back (already!) for a second interview tomorrow. AND! Another job I applied for wants me to come in for an interview on Thursday! So of course, I need to go shopping tomorrow morning for some more interview clothes (ah, what a fabulous excuse! The Boy cant argue with that one) I'm hoping I find something suitable in the short amount of time I have.

    And I've found the most addictive Rice Pudding. 97% fat free - but the tub is 350gms! Its so hard not to eat the whole tub! I ate a whole one yesterday (over the course of the day) and asked the Boy to bring me home another tub today. He tells me that his recipe for Rice Pudding tastes exactly the same - so he will be making me up a batch on low fat milk.. I have to stop thinking about it, otherwise I will go open the fridge and eat the other tub. eek!

    I have to go shower and get ready for work tonight, ugh!

    long time, no talkie

    After Thursday's whinge about the gym, I did a killer workout on Friday and even did a little run on the treadmill! I didnt get to go to my Monday night pump class (had the job interview when the class was on, but the job interview went great! The psychic lady who works near me told me that Monday was a lucky day for me - so here's hoping!) so I'm going to the gym today, after I do a little cleaning.

    I visited my family on Sunday. If you recall, I had a mini goal of being 74kg by then. Before I left, I weighed in at 74.5kg - close enough I say! This morning I saw an even better figure on the scale however its not my official weigh day so I'll have to wait until tomorrow to record it as a loss.

    I was a little unsure about how my eating would go on Sunday - the cupboards there are stocked full of nutella, coke, nuts etc (my brothers live at home - I'm sure there would be none of that if Mum had her way) But since Mum has been doing weight watchers, everything we ate was weight watchers friendly. I made those Pecan Date Brownies - ugh! They were like rubber! So I ate some sponge cake my Nan had bought over : ) But I totally stayed within my allowance, and went for a walk with my Mum early that morning.

    The family noticed I had lost some weight, mainly my tits though. ha! Mum has lost weight too and I can really tell. She has just shrunk all over. Yay for her! She is really into it. She has a folder with weight watcher recipes printed off the net, is walking almost everyday and has 'before' pictures hung on her cupboard, along with a picture of what she would like to look like. My youngest brother finds the 'inspiration' picture hilarious considering my Mum is 5'2" with dark hair and her inspiration woman looks 6'ft with long flowing blonde hair 'you gonna dye your hair blonde too mum?'. Its kind of odd seeing what other people aspire to look like.

    I borrowed my mum's digital camera, so I will be doing some progress pictures very soon! stay tuned kiddies.

    Thursday, August 18, 2005

    I ate your caviar!

    Thats right Morris, I ate some of the caviar set aside for your function tomorrow night, and I also peeled the prawns that will sit atop little slices of avocado and toast that you will surely eat. Looking at that photo of you makes me very happy that I ate your caviar. I hope you like the prawns.


    I have been lazy today - besides peeling a crap load of prawns : )

    My job interview was cancelled - or shall I say 'postponed' which was very annoying. I arrived half an hour early - perfect amount of time to have a cigarette and walk around long enough to rid myself of the stench, but I received a call saying he was still in a meeting and was unsure what time it would finish. ugh! so on the train and back home I went.

    Good news - my eating has been fantastic! Thank Allah for lebanese bread pizza - the tasty way to eat a whole heap of veggies in one meal. I plan on making these little babies - Pecan Date Brownies in the next week. They look yummy and for only 1 point, surely they must be good for you! (I dont follow weight watchers, but I figure if its on the weight watchers site, the kjs and fat must be pretty low.. will work out the exact figures later) I hope they are moist and chewy.

    I'm so over the gym though. I just could not be bothered to go exercise - story of my life I guess. For the last few days, the thought of getting on the treadmill leaves me cold. I wish there was a way of bottling the feeling I have after working out, so I could sniff it and it would make me want to go to the gym.

    I gotta go get ready for work - hopefully its really busy so I burn a bit of energy off!

    Wednesday, August 17, 2005

    wednesday is weighday

    confusion on the scale! My cheap scale read 74kg! I was a little excited, but not convinced. So I moved the scale to a different part of the bathroom - 76kg! NO! I stepped on again, 75kg.. hmm.. I adjusted the scale 74.5 then 75.5. Ugh! I am just saying I had no loss this week. I was feeling a little disheartened, but I had been slack, so its perfectly normal not to be at 74kg this week.

    To make myself feel better, I took my measurements for this month.

    waist - 85cm to 82cm
    chest - 103.5cm to 100cm
    hip - 121cm to 118cm
    thigh - 93cm to 68.5cm

    ha! whats with my thigh!? I must have taken the measurements wrong last month because thats 25cm gone! (or almost 9in) and my thigh was originally bigger than my waist. I know I have huge thighs, but is that even possible?!

    I should go to the gym today, but I have a job interview tonight (at 7pm! who has job interviews at that time?) - Its a graphic design position, because, even though you cant tell from my crappy blogger template, I'm actually a graphic designer (I will get around to making this site hotter, but I'm terrible when designing my own stuff, too many ideas! and I cant decide, damn libran) and I've got lots of stuff to do to get ready, plus the house is a huge mess and I have lots of washing to get done. And I'm still freaking sore from that pump class two days ago! oh excuses excuses! I will go tomorrow, I promise.

    Monday, August 15, 2005

    I rock

    I went to pump class for the first time. The instructor put me up the front of the class so I could learn, fabulous (note the sarcasm) but I'm actually rather glad because it was a little tricky. Judging by how jelly-like my legs were walking down the stairs, I doubt I will be able to walk tomorrow.

    I've eaten so much today, but I'm under my kilojoules for the day, and with my workout, I'm way below! This makes up for some of the weekends naughtiness. I even ate dessert - low fat icecream, half a banana fried in a non stick pan, and maple syrup. Under one gram of fat! totally tasty! a bit high in kjs though, because of the maple, considering looking for a 'diet' version.

    I ate lots of vegies (could have had another serve of fruit though) and have almost finished all my water for the day. I am a very good girl.

    damn weekend

    so naughty! I cant be bothered to go into how naughty I was over the last two days. I didnt complete my exercise challenge and I ate way too much crap. I felt so sick last night. But I wanted to feel sick. I cant explain it. I ate dinner (not the best choice, but it was tasty) and I felt pleasantly full, then I decided to eat 2 slices of vegemite buttered toast... then another 2 slices! I knew I was eating way too much and I knew I would feel so bloody sick, but I did it anyway. I still dont know why. Some sort of rebellion maybe. No more talk of this! It happened, its over.

    Today I'm back on track, vowing to drink all my water, eat lots of fruit and veggies and go to the gym. yay for me!

    I had a good weekend though. I bought two new plants for my front patio and re-potted some other plants, so now my patio is looking cute! and we have some more privacy. I really want more plants! The front patio is good for now, but our back courtyard has nothing, and it could be a private little sanctuary. We need a little outdoor table and just 2 chairs and lots of plants. I'm thinking to ask everyone for plants for my birthday (in october). The boy doesnt understand my obsession with plants and making our tiny home gorgeous because its just a 'temporary' home until he gets residency and we can afford to live in some thing bigger. But I quite like this place, and the more we utilise the space we have, like the courtyard, the more live-able it becomes. We are so lucky to have a studio apartment with two decent sized outdoor spaces.

    I also bought two new tops! one was a 'one size fits most' and I guess I am 'most'! and the other was a size 14 (US10 I think) - its a wrap top, so its adjustable, but it still fits. I cant wait for the day I wear the top in its true and tightest form. Its officially a 'goddess top'!

    Thursday, August 11, 2005

    someone noticed

    my favourite local homeless lady is the first person to notice that I've lost weight. 'sis, you're real pretty, ya know? and you've lost weight, yeah, ever since you started working here, youve lost weight - dont you reckon frank?' Frank is her fella. Frank just smiled. Fine then Frank, I know who will be getting more of my change this week : )

    My poor boy has a terrible case of the flu. I was up late last night looking after him, he couldnt sleep and kept moaning and groaning. I was really quite worried about him, he was mumbling something about eggs, he was delirious, but maybe he was just talking Turkish. He kept patting my face, I think it was his way of saying thank you, but those sweaty palms retardly patting my face scared me. But I'm paranoid like that. Occasionally I cant hear him breathing and feel the urge to check his pulse in the middle of the night. I cant imagine what I'll be like when I have children. I'll be carrying that baby monitor with me everywhere!

    I've got to get off my ass and go to the gym! I didnt go yesterday - I changed my goal. (ha! I'm bloody hopeless.. but dammit, I hurt so bad yesterday from my pilates workout on tuesday.. if I coughed or sneezed it sent ripples of pain through my stomach muscles) Today - cardio and weights. Friday or Sunday - cardio.

    And thanks muse and kerri for your comments!!

    Wednesday, August 10, 2005

    weigh in!

    girl, you be doin' good!

    Today, I officially weigh 75kg (165lbs) and my BMI is now 29!!! I am no longer obese, just plump, just overweight! just a little less chubba : )

    thats all!

    Tuesday, August 09, 2005


    muse posed a question in my comments about why we crave fat after a big night of drinking... I know the answer to this! And sweetheart, its got to do with the change in our blood sugar levels from the alcohol and also, the fat apparently lines our tummies so we feel less sick. Slow release carbs fix up our blood sugar levels and are a much better choice, but dammit, a fry up feels so much better at the time : )

    As I promised myself, I went to the gym today! I'm a good girl. An hour of pilates. I have never done pilates before, and the instructor was pushing us hard today (well, that was the general consensus from the regulars in the class, I wouldnt have a clue). My lower abs were on fire! The instructor thought I had been to his class before, but when he discovered it was my first class he said 'oh really?! you did great!'. Thank you! thank you! I'll be back next week.

    So one day down, three more to go. Cardio - Wednesday. Weights - Thursday. Cardio - Friday! And I really wanted to go on all three days, but there is a part of me that knows I wont... so I'm going to set myself a reward. I know my 'health' should just be the reward but I need some extra motivation. I just dont know what I really want though, ha! Maybe a pedicure. Okay! After my friday workout, if I've completed my exercise goals, I will stop by the beautician and make an appointment for monday. wonderful!

    I'd like to share my favourite lunch time pasta meal. Its not anything new, but its my 'fall back' recipe if I cant think of anything healthy or tasty to eat and it always hits the spot. Its around 9g fat, 1500 kjs (350ish cals) depending on how much pasta you use.

    - Linguine or Spaghetti, boiled
    - Cherry tomatoes (grape tomatoes are best) under the grill (or broiler I think its called in the states) until they collapse and get all juicy

    when the pasta and tomatoes are done, mix them in a bowl with

    - Wild rocket (arugula)
    - Tuna in oil (drained really well, you could use spring-water tuna, but I find the little bit of oil left makes a huge difference in the pasta, and you dont need to add any extra olive oil)
    - Lots of lemon juice (this is vital!)
    - salt and pepper
    - finished with a little bit of shaved parmesan

    I love it! Its just as good without the tuna, but I like the extra protein. I like to add some fresh chilli too, if I've got it in the fridge. Its good cold too : )

    oh, and I worked out why the last few days have been pretty hard - that time of the month! well dur!

    tah tah!

    Monday, August 08, 2005

    3 girls. 4 bottles of champagne.

    and one huge headache!

    After my blow out of thursday, I was on a mission to be healthy. Friday was good, saturday was great, and the start of sunday was spot on.. until I met up with the 'girls' in the afternoon. It was a gorgeous sunny Sydney day, we met at Opera Bar and went straight for the champagne. I know champagne is my enemy! I know I'm going to drink too much, that I'm going to get totally giggley, we will talk way too much about sex and relationships and in the end, I'm probably going to throw up. But thankfully, last night I didnt spew! I dont know how.. it may have something to do with the big mac meal I ate! I ate that big greasey pile of crap in less than a minute, then passed out on the couch.

    But you know what? I dont feel guilty at all! I felt guilty about Thursday, but yesterday was fun! I needed a night like that.

    Today I've been craving some grease. I wanted hot chips, but opted for some home-made baked potato wedges. It did the trick : )

    No gym today, but I'll be back in full swing tomorrow! I promise myself. But right now, I think I need a sugar free red bull, and way more water.

    Oh, and I have a question, for any one who reads this (and I got my counter, I know someone is looking at this site!) If I am 'allowed' to consume around 1500 cals, but then exercising and burning 500 cals should I be eating those calories? some of them? all of them? none of them?

    Friday, August 05, 2005

    disaster struck!

    Yesterday began quite well - fabulous balanced breakfast, and I knew I wouldnt be able to make it to the gym but I was okay with this because my body was still on fire from my workout the day before and I was having trouble sitting to go to the toilet (damn lunges and squats!) I was at the printers and had to wait for my print job, so I went to the crepe shop next door for lunch.

    I figured that crepe mixture couldnt be that high in kjs or fat, so I ordered a vegetable crepe, minus the creamy white sauce. And when the waitress gave me my meal, it came with buttery garlic bread and salad smothered in creamy dressing. Thats fine, I thought, I dont have to eat the sides. I started to tuck into the side of crepe.. I felt something creamy in my mouth, much like cheap mayonnaise, I investigated further, it WAS cheap mayonnaise! There wasnt that much, so I continued to eat a little more - all the vegetables in side where completely cold. I ate another small mouthful and gave up. No way was I going to sacrifice my kilojoules on this poor excuse for a crepe. My crepe maker noticed that I had stopped eating and came over to ask what was wrong. I hate this sort of confrontation. I explained to him, in a very small voice what was wrong. He musnt have heard my complaint about the mayonnaise, but stated that the vegetables were cold because they were fresh. Well dur, but youre meant to leave the crepe on the heat until its all heated through, I didnt say this to him, because he seemed so nice and naive. So I went to the cashier to pay, were he met me there are asked if it still tasted okay (what the?) I told about the mayonnaise, even though I had asked for no creamy white sauce, and that I cant eat foods like that right now. He still charged me full price.

    I will never again eat a crepe from a place that also sells asian food and is run by asians (oh dont get me wrong! I love asians and have nothing against them, but I should have known better. Just like I wouldnt eat Italian made by Indians who also have a few Indian meals on the menu - you just know it isnt gonna be good!)

    I dont know why, but that whole experience really screwed up my day. I was mulling over it for ages (and still am, ha!). Despite having refused to waste my kilojoules on that meal, I ended the day 2000kjs (around 500cals) above my daily limit - with no real exercise! I bought a mini cheese and spinach pide, ate chocolate coated Turkish Delight, Spaghetti Vongole for dinner and more than my fair share of Turkish bread at work.

    Oh little piggie, why did you do it? Was I so disheartened by my failed attempt at a healthy lunch, that I just threw my hands up? Did I feel guilty for making the crepe maker feel like shit?

    But today is a new day! One step back, three steps forward : )

    Wednesday, August 03, 2005

    my thighs burn!

    damn those lunges. They are perhaps my most hated exercise. But they feature on my new program set today by the gym. Its not so bad (but I'm pissed he didnt take my body fat % - I've never had that done before and I'm very curious!)

    - 2 days 45 -60 mins cardio machines
    - 1 day weight training
    - 1 day pilates or yoga

    Thats a very do-able 4 days a week.

    Yesterday, after my gym workout (30 mins cardio) I met up with the boy and ate like a little piggie! A chicken burger (grilled breast meat, no mayo - could have been a lot worse) with half a bucket of hot chips and half a can of coke, then afterwards we hired a movie and I bought a little tub of ice-cream. At work, my boss made a pizza and told me to eat some - so I did : ) I only had once slice, and these slices were tiny (about 1/2 of a 'normal slice') but I still felt very naughty. I still stayed under my total kilojoules for the day (even without my workout, I would have only gone over by about 100 or so kjs) but I had a feeling of total guilt, but then I remembered how I used to eat - this is nothing compared. I would have eaten my burger with mayo, got a whole bucket of chips, a whole can of coke, maybe even a 600ml, would have chosen a fattier icecream, like an almond magnum, and got my boss to make me my own pizza instead of having just one slice of his. You've come a long way baby : )

    And to prove this, I weighed in at 76kgs this morning!

    I'm yet to notice any real body changes though. I thought after 6kgs I'd be able to see a bit of improvement - I keep thinking about having 6, kilo tubs of margarine slathered onto my body - surely I should look a little skinnier! My belly feels smaller, and the boy says I now have a 'smaller ball head' (oh, isnt he just a charmer!) but besides that, I feel the same. I've got some old photos of me at 86kgs (approx.) I should take new photos and compare, but alas, we have lent our digital camera to a friend and wont be getting it back for 2 months or so. Later this month I'm going to visit the family, so maybe I can steal mum's and take some photos.

    Speaking of seeing the family, I hope to be 74kg by then. Thats 10% of my body weight reduced! (and almost a beaker and a half to give to Renee!)

    Mum has joined weight watchers, and has been walking a few times a week. I told her to buy the Lazy Girls Guide. Apparently her leader lost 80kgs! geepers! Thats more than me off her body! I feel heavy and cumbersome as it is, but bugger if I could carry another one of me around all the time, I wouldnt be able to move. I make the boy piggy back me sometimes, and he can barely move : ) (although, I piggy back him just fine.. the weak little boy)

    Well I should go, my house is a den of slack right now and needs a big clean. tah tah!

    Monday, August 01, 2005

    I'm really impressed with myself. I've really been trying to be healthy, and its working. And my Lazy Girls Guide is kicking into action - I'm slowly introducing more and more into my life. I was already writing down everything I ate and watching my kilojoules and fat - but I'm trying to eat on schedule, and eat lots more fruit and yoghurt as snacks. The yoghurt isnt really for me - I've never been a big fan, except for natural yoghurt in savoury food, but right now I've got three different varieties in the fridge! And I actually intend on eating them before they expire : )

    Friday I went to the gym and worked out on the cardio machines - welcome back elliptical trainer, I love you. I remember the first time I ever used that machine, I almost died but it gave me a feeling of euphoria, just like it did on friday. In regards to the gym - there are no classes on during the day that I want to attend (only boxing classes... which should have been fine, but I saw one of the classes in progress - all men, all hitting very bloody hard. eek! I'm wussing out of those, for now) so it will be the cardio machines and weight training until I have nights free to do classes. And I can pretty much rule out any weekend exercise - work all day/night on saturday and sunday is the only day the boy and I have together, so sunday is ours to do whatever we please and that doesnt involve going to the gym!

    So this is my plan for this week:

    Monday - no gym. 30 min walk to drawing class
    Tuesday - 40 mins on cardio machines, 20 mins weights
    Wednesday - Fitness assessment, 40 mins on cardio
    Thursday - 40 mins cardio, 20 mins weights
    Friday - 40 mins cardio

    As you can see I've got a fitness assessment on Wednesday, and I'm a little scared about that, But I really want to ask some questions about using the weight machines and figure out a program. And I've never had my body fat read before.. ha! I'll be 83% body fat!

    Lots has happened since I last posted and I cant be bothered to write it all, so I shall bullet point : )

    - Ate chocolate twice. Both times it was bought by the boy, but instead of eating more than half of it like I used to, I only had a small amount - one Ferreo Rocher and one square of a Kinda Bueno. They were both delicious.
    - After working a double shift on Saturday, I almost ate a very greasy pizza. Thankfully it was the boy who had to make me the greasy pizza, so he was shocked ate my request. 'you're going to eat that?' nice question boy! He instead made me a small vegetarian pizza, with hardly any cheese. And I know whats in the dough, its nothing 'bad'. I am so grateful that I told him about my weightloss endeavours, he saved me.
    - Grabbed breakfast on Sunday on the way to the boat shed (we hired a boat and went fishing all day... it was wonderfully lazy and the boat was big enough for me to lay down and read in the sun) I went to a different shop to get a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich, whilst the boy went to the bakery to get himself a chocolate croissant and apricot danish. I am a good girl : )
    - And I apologise for criticising The Lazy Girls Guide recommendation of packaged pre-prepared foods. I almost called Rio Grande for some mexican last night, but got off my ass and picked up a lean cuisine, steamed some extra broccoli and mashed a potato (because the lean cuisine was 'low-carb' and I'd had hardly any carbs all day) and although it wasnt the tastiest meal I've ever eaten, and I was shocked by the list of ingredients, it was better than making the phonecall for home delivered fat : ) (although, it want any quicker.. damn me for not having a microwave)
    - The boy bbq'ed me a big fat lobster in my break on saturday! It was still twitching and kinda alive (despite being cut in half) when he 'threw it on the barbie'. I felt bad for the lobster, but was so excited it was going to be so fresh! mmm.. yum... lobster we cant really afford.. mmm.