Sunday, September 25, 2005


Changing one part of your life is bound to effect other areas of your life. For me, working a 'normal' monday to friday job has turned me into a domestic goddess! The house has been perfectly clean all week (much to my boyfriends surprise!) I've been planting herbs, cutting recipies from old magazines, making preparations to turn my back patio into a summer oasis. Maybe a mon - fri job has flicked some sort of 'grown up' switch. I've even been looking at the property market. eesh!

Unfortunately, my eating and exercise has gone out the window! Ever since I went to the Hunter Valley last weekend, I've been eating like a pig and have exercised for about 1ish hours (two half hour running/walking sessions.. that I'm kinda proud of, the running is becoming easier!) The Hunter was fabulous! But it all revolved around food and alcohol. I ate way too much at the wedding, but tried to make healthy choices for the rest of the weekend, and I did okay. I was restrained at an all you can eat buffet (to leave room for some fried ice cream for dessert, ha!) But all week, I just havent been caring all that much with what I put in my mouth. And I definately havent been counting my calories.

The result - a gain of about 1.5kg. My belly has felt like pudge all week. I feel all bloaty and yuck.

I know this isnt an excuse, but I've definately been eating worse because of work. I've been accepting food that I wouldnt normally eat - biscuits, chips, toasted sandwiches on white bread with ham, two slices of cheese and avocado (hello! I dont even eat pork!) just to be polite and fit in. I've been very concious of this, and from here on, I think I'm in the 'gang' enough to reject their offers of food I dont really want to eat. So no more biscuits, unless I want one, and definately no more pork : )

I've gone shopping, prepared a healthy meal plan for the week and am all set for a fantastic week!

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

healthy lunch ideas

help me out kids! I need some lunch ideas. Whats your favourite lunches to take to work? I'm not a big fan of sandwiches. Got any good pasta or salad ideas? or something a lot more adventureous?

wednesday.. weigh in again..

and again it said 74kg! Thats 3 weeks with the scale not budging! Lets just be happy that it wasnt a gain. I should do my measurements - yes, I will, right now!

yay! check it out

chest (start) 103.5 (last month) 100 (today) 99
waist (start) 85 (last month) 82 (today) 80
hip (start) 121 (last month) 118 (today) 115.5
thigh (start) 93 (last month) 68.5 (today) 66

my body is slowly shrinking.. shrink little body, shrink!

my muscles hurt from last nights pump, but not nearly as bad as last time.

And I have a big toothache! damn wisdom teeth. I should have listened to the dentist when he reccomended I have them removed. oh the pain! ouchies!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I'm free for pump!

no more working week nights means I can go to classes at the gym! There is a pump class at 5:30pm today and I'm so excited to go! But I'm going to stretch a lot this time, last time there was just too much pain, I couldnt sit for days.

I'm all so very excited about having a 'schedule'. I think my plan will be:

- to walk to and from the train station, monday to friday. (a good 20 - 30 mins each way) This also means I physically walk past the gym, which will mean I might actually walk INTO the gym most nights of the week.
- Go to the gym and run BEFORE work on Modays (that way the boy and I get Monday night to ourselves - its the only night he has off work)
- Cardio Machines Tuesday night
- Run and Cardio machines Wednesday night
- Pump class Thursday night

This is a crazy plan for me considering I barely go to the gym twice a week as it is.

But I'm so scared. I'm so scared of having a job where I sit on my ass for 8 hours! right now, its okay if I sit on my bum for 8 hours, because I know I will be walking for 5 hours at night, so I dont feel so bad. But if I sit on my bum and not go to the gym, I am going to be in some serious trouble, weight wise. My bum is going to expand, and I must act now if I dont want this to happen. I must make going to the gym a regular routine, start it as soon as I start my job, otherwise it will seem a big effort to get to the gym. I dont care if the first week I come straight home from the gym and go to sleep - thats fine, aslong as I get used to this and it becomes my life.

My other idea is to go to the gym before work - monday to thursday for 45mins, then do pump class thursday night. But I always look like shit after the gym, and I dont know if I would feel good going to work afterwards? But if I can get over this, I think I would really prefer it. I'd like having my evenings free, knowing that I had already worked out for the day. And if my boy has to get up at 6 am, I may as well get up with him too. And its getting closer to summer, so its not like I will be getting up in the dark..

Ugh, I have some thinking to do.

must go get ready for pump!

Saturday, September 10, 2005

I got the job

and I'm very excited! no more restaurant work, no more weekends working, just a steady 8:30am to 5:30pm job. The pay is horrible! Its the lowest possible salary I imagined I'd get. Hopefully there is a review not long after. But I didnt take the job for the money, so whatever, its still enough to live, and with our combined salaries, we can save a fair bit.

My food yesterday expanded to over 1600 cals, but it could have been a lot worse.

Today is just as naughty, but naughty because I havent eaten enough. I hate working double shifts on Saturday (I'm currently on my 2 hour break, laying on my couch with my legs hanging over the arm, trying to recharge before having to do it all over again, ugh! But this is the last time ever!)

breakfasty/snack thing: banana, 1/4 of a vegemite sandwich on grain bread, diet coke
lunchy/snack thing: 5 fat fries, can of coke

cals: 450
water: 600 ml
exercise: crap loads of walking for 6 hours, so far, with another 6 hours to come. (say if I work 12 hours, I figure I spend 8 hours walking, with 4 hours just standing - taking orders, polishing cutlery etc. so 8 hours of slow walking is over 1400 cals burnt! Thats impressive... but I dont actually record it as 'real' exercise)

I have a wedding to attend next saturday. I dont know anyone there, have only met the groom once (he is a friend of the boy). I have no idea what to wear! The wedding is being held at a vineyard (I assume, its all been very secret.. there is a bus picking us up from our hotel and taking us there.. but he is a winemaker and the wedding is somewhere in the wine region of new south wales... ) so I'm thinking it should be very girly and 'spring'. ugh! I hate shopping for an 'event'! And I figure if the groom is a winemaker, there is going to be lots of lovely wine to drink. And lots of lovely wine, means Chubba gets lovely drunk, and eats lots of lovely food, and her bottom gets lovely bigger. yay! I'll try to show a little restraint, but I wont be too worried if I dont : ) Just have to make sure I'm good for the rest of the weekend. We will be leaving Sydney Friday night and returning Sunday afternoon, so thats lots of meals eaten away from the comfort of my junk free house.

I'm going to go nap before work.

three days smoke free.

Friday, September 09, 2005

I'm smoking a pen

quiting smoking AND waiting for a phone call that could very well change your life is not so good for the 'diet'.

I had a phone call this morning from a potential employer informing me that they were deciding between myself and another girl for a position I really really want. She said she would call me by the end of the day with their decision. I want this job so bad! The other day the employer left a msg on my mobile phone asking me to call her - I had butterflies in my tummy! Like when you receive a call from a boy you met on the weekend and really dig, but arent too sure if he was diggin' you too. This job is my hot new crush, and we may be going steady very soon : )

My 'jittery day of food' (and its only 1:30pm)

b: poached egg, grain bread, grilled tomato
s: milky way
l: fake nachos and salad, diet coke
s: low fat/cal icecream with fresh passionfruit

cals: 800
water: NIL!
exercise: nil

I'm going to do some cleaning and banking to keep myself occupied and away from the fridge.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

oh she be back!

Today, I quit smoking. I have a lovely little clear patch on my upper arm pumping nicotine into my blood system keeping me relatively sane. I'm completely on edge though. Lots of nervous energy and wiggling little fingers. I've quit before, for six months and it wasnt so hard, I occasionally had a drag of my boyfriend's smoke after sex, or when I was having a beer, but one day I decided to have my own cigarette. I thought I was 'ready', I thought I could just have one. No sir, one whole cigarette later and I was back to a pack a day. Now the boy and I are quiting together. Send me anti smoke vibes, please.

So to kick off my new healthy lungs, I started my running program today. And boy was it great! I was actually smiling whilst exercising and talking to myself 'come on bitch, you can do it, 30 more seconds!' (I dont know why I call myself bitch, but it seems to do the trick) I didnt look at the program before I left for the gym, so I made up my own using the speed intervals setting on the treadmill. walk 1.20 mins, run 1.20 mins for 25 mins. Then I used the bike for 10 mins, and then the elliptical trainer for a big 5 mins. When I hoped off the elliptical trainer, my head started spinning and I saw black patches in front of my eyes. I was going to faint. I breathed deeply and tried to take a sip of water. My hand was shaking so bad I couldnt drink from the water bottle. I freaked out. I tried to shake myself out of it, and went to the changerooms and sat down in front of the fan. I have no idea why this happened, but it went away and I felt fine. Maybe it has something to do with the nicotine patches, or maybe I was hungry? If anyone knows anything about this, please leave a comment. Otherwise I will be going to see my doctor. It scared the bejeebers out of me.

Yeah, so I've been on a little hiatus. I dont feel the need to dwell on it. I needed the break. I was generally pretty good with my eating. I'm still around 74kg. And the break has renewed my energy and I am ready to go to the next level (esp considering quiting smoking, we are in some dangerous territory baby!) I went grocery shopping today and bought lots of good foods (not that I ever buy 'bad' foods from the grocery store, all my bad choices are impulse buys), so my cupboards are fully stocked and I'm ready to roll.

Todays food:

b: fruit salad
s: salmon and cucumber sushi roll (rushed to buy it after the gym experience!)
l: Low fat creamy pasta with smoked trout. 20g chocolate. diet coke.
s: rice crackers, apple
d: will involve something with lots of vegies, havent had enough today.
**Yes - had modified veal parmagiana with atleast 2 cups of vegies and diet coke.
s: reduced fat yoghurt

cals: 1450
water: 1.5 ltr
exercise: 40 mins cardio machines. Day 1 of running program.

** Update at 11:30pm
The boy smoked 3 cigarettes at work tonight. Ugh, looks like I'm on my own.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

day two

I started my new job today - orientation morning, yay! I dont think I mentioned it on here, but I got a part-time design job - my first 'real job' (real because I actually had to study and complete my diploma to get this job, not just walk in off the street like my waitressing jobs.. yay!) It pays great! But unfortunately I will have to keep a few hours at the restaurant, well I dont HAVE to, but I want to cover our rent money by waitressing. The part-time job doesnt have set days so my schedule has been disrupted once again, just when I was starting to get some sort of regular lifestyle happening. I will have to be more organised and frugal with my time!

Tomorrow will be my first full day at design job, followed by a busy friday night of waitressing, then a double shift of waitressing on Saturday. I'm going to be fucked : ) Sunday I will be lazy. So I see no exercise over the next few days, however I like to think I'm burning a crap load of calories at waitressing job, esp. considering I've worked out my daily calories based on an 'office job' lifestyle, opposed to a 'waitressing job' lifestyle. does this make sense?

So I've already made my lunch for tomorrow (just doubled what I made for lunch today) and I plan on taking all my food with me to design job. This is for health reasons, and wallet reasons : )

There is a problem though. Remember last week when I ate Hungry Jacks? Well, I ate it after my job interview at design job. Its on the way to the bus stop to come home. Well, I ate Hungry Jacks AGAIN today. I remember when I was living elsewhere and had to catch the train home from college, there was a Hungry Jacks. Atleast once a week, up to 4 times a week, I would order a Whopper Jnr, no mayo, with a diet coke and eat it on the train ride home. The Hungry Jacks employees knew my order. This is dangerous. I MUST BAN MYSELF. I can have it once a month if I wish, but otherwise, its off limits. So no more Hungry jacks until October!

Food for today:
b: special k, lite milk, strawberries
s: whopper jnr, no mayo, diet coke
l: small serve pasta, tomatoes, baby spinach, parmesan, lemon juice
s: sml banana, liqourice
d: TBA

cals: 1150 (not much left for dinner! eesh)
water: 600ml
exercise: nil