Friday, December 09, 2005

No I havent been in a coma..

just super dooper busy!

The wedding has officially taken over my life. Its next weekend, you know. I've got manicures, pedicures, hair dressers, waxing, ring engravers, ribbon tying, white umbrella shopping and fake tan keeping me very busy.

gym? uh no. eating well? most the time. scale moving? well I saw 73.5 a few days ago after my period, but I saw 74 again this morning. people noticing my ass is smaller? lots! Why now? I dont know. But quite a few people have commented on it these last few days. And the man at the convenience store just called me pretty. yay! he didnt say 'pretty face' he said 'pretty'. There is a huge difference you know.

Yesterday, I revealed to my husband-to-be the sexy knickers I will be wearing under my wedding dress. I slowly started to pull them out of the bag, telling my boy how hot there were and really sexy. He had his eyes fixated on the bag... the knickers were slowly being revealed. THEN BANG! Huge big momma, suck my tummy and hips in, my name is gertie, knickers! He was totally unimpressed, especially when I tried them on, dancing and laughing, but amazed at the sucking power of those little babies. I may still be hovering around 74, but I will have a flat stomach under my dress!

Besides the wedding hoopla, not much has been happening in my life. Too much work, not enough play!