Tuesday, January 31, 2006

weekly review

(its late, again, I know!)

I went to that wedding with a plan... only eat half of everything! It was a brilliant plan and I actually kept to it. I was still totally stuffed by the time dessert came around, but I made The Boy dance with me, so I hope I burnt some off. I actually cant believe I made him dance.. because I DONT DANCE. Really. I dance at home by myself, or for The Boy (I like to 'interpretive' dance for him.. he generally just ignores my 'jazz hands') but I do not dance in public. But I HAD to dance. I couldnt sit at that table any longer.. I could feel the food in my belly and had to get up and move around to make the feeling go away. But we had fun.. I had some Turks trying to teach me to belly dance.. I sucked and was totally jealous of this plump little 9 year old girl who was shaking her hips around like a high class stripper - she was disturbingly sexy.

On with the results

- track calories/fat daily
5.5/7 days : ) I was the tracking queen until dinner time on saturday, then I didnt track all sunday

- stay within my limits (1200-1500 cals/40-60 fat)
3/7 days - eesh!

- drink 8 glasses of water daily
5/7 days.. nice!

- eat 2 fruits daily
4/7 days.. getting better. I feel like I've been eating tonnes of fruit!

- eat 4 vegetables daily
6/7 days

- eat dairy daily (which I forgot to put in the side bar.. doh!)
6/7 days

- eat seafood twice a week
2/2 done and done!

- go to the gym 3 times a week
2/3 days. I will improve this this week! (But I still went one more time than the previous weeks!)

- do something active every day
7/7 days.. yay!

I didnt lose any weight this week. Still 75 kg. So that brings January's loss to a grand total of one kilo.. hooray! (note the sarcasm) I'm going for a big loss this week! I've penciled in (and already completed one of) my gym dates, we did the grocery shopping last night and its all super healthy and mainly fruits and vegetables.. and I bought low fat yoghurt : ) And I'm going to stick to my calorie range! In fact, I want to be closer to the bottom end of my range all week to see some results!

Hope youre all having fun!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Wedding related calories!

Up until now, this week has been relatively smooth.. sure, there was australia day, but we hosted the bbq and made sure it was healthy (although I did manage to go over by 300 cals.. hmm..) And there was a birthday at work (I am refusing cake next time.. I am going to tell them I am allergic.. ha! I once worked with a man at a cafe who refused to make milkshakes on the grounds that he was allergic to icecream. Really, it was just a plain in the ass to make them... but it never clicked to the other workers that you dont even touch the icecream when making a milkshake, so how could he get a reaction?). Its all be pretty easy, up until now.

I am about to get dressed and go to a wedding. Weddings are all about the food. Weddings are about rich extravagant food. (although it is a Turk paying for the wedding.. so perhaps not! ho ho!*) I am scared. I am going to try my best to eat well, but I know that no matter how well I try to eat, even the crudités will be laced with extra calories. Pray for me! I will just have to work out extra hard tomorrow.

And speaking of tomorrow, its my sisters bridal shower. More food, more alcohol!

Time is running out and I have to get dressed!

*Please dont call me racist or mean. I am married to a Turk, I know : )

Friday, January 27, 2006


I dont think i've ever mentioned this, but I'm actually a graphic designer. I dont think I mentioned it because, well frankly I was rather embarrassed to be calling myself a designer when I had a standard blogger template named tic tac : ) And whilst my new layout wont be winning any awards, it certainly is nice to see something I created one boring friday night.

Please let me know if it doesnt look right for you.

I'll write about my fat tomorrow, my powerbook is gonna die! night kiddies!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

so, you thought this was a weight loss blog..

You may have noticed some changes in my side bars. I'm being very naughty at work : )

I've put up the plan that I'm trying to live by

And I've also put up my goal weight and all my mini goals to achieve along the way. My first goal was to be 'overweight' rather than 'obese'. I went through my archives to find out when this happened. I was in August last year when I reached 75 kg.

75 kg last August. That was 5 months ago. I am 75 kg now! 5 months of skipping around 74 - 76 kilos. I haven't been losing weight.. thats maintaining weight. I could be at goal right now. Could. Should.

I'm going to take my measurements tonight to see if my body has changed shape since then. I pray there is at least a little difference, otherwise I'm gonna be mighty annoyed at the last 5 months : )

But surely I have made some new habits.. am I eating better? am I exercising more? do I think differently about food? I need some sign of improvement!

The importance of checking labels..

For the last 2 weeks I have been consuming copious amounts of yoghurt. The Boy and I buy the biggest tubs in the supermarket and eat it within a week. We have been making cacik (Turkish garlic and yoghurt sauce) every second night, I've been putting scoops of it into my muesli or having a small bowl of it and drizzling some honey on top - we have been yoghur-holics!

But I have discovered something horrible! The brand we have bought for the last two weeks happens to have FOUR TIMES the fat as most yoghurts!!

There are just some products I refuse to buy as low fat - yoghurt being one of them. My calorie counter records generic full fat natural yoghurts as having 5 gms of fat per 200 gms but my favourite yoghurt of late has 20 gms. I had been using the generic stats.. silly silly me! One must take the time to read the nutritional panel : )

Next week, there will be a new yoghurt brand in the fridge, but I will miss my extra fatty yoghurt.. it was so tasty. It was so thick.. the garlic would just melt into it. It would coat every grain of rice and was heaven dolloped on a grilled sweet chilli.. aaahh extra fatty yoghurt...

I will hold a one minute silence for him : )

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

the week in review

I'm a day late in my review, but whatever : )

It turns out, that I didnt track on friday! I remember being very busy friday but naughty naughty me. I can remember I had pasta for lunch, but thats about it.

Looking back, I wasnt as diligent as I should have been...

- track everything I put in my mouth
kinda : ) I tracked 6/7 days. And stayed under my limits 4/6 days..

- drink eight glasses of water everyday
minimum of 4/7 days

- eat a min of 2 fruit a day
minimum of 4/7 (getting better!)

- eat a min of 4 vege a day
minimum of 5/7

- eat dairy every day
minimum of 6/7 days

- eat seafood twice a week
1/2 - I forgot about this one and made a tuna salad on Sunday night.. hehe!

- go to the gym at least twice!

- do something active everyday
5/7 days


I have been sitting here for a little while reviewing my efforts. At first, I was really pissed off... but in reality, besides saturday's craziness, I either improved or maintained my goals. And it was the week before my periods, so really... yay for me!

This week I'm focusing on exercise and water - they are two areas that need to be perfect. The Boy and I have been slackers about the gym! Friday, he had plans. Saturday we didnt even consider it. Sunday, it was too hot. Yesterday, he forgot my shoes and bought me a damp t-shirt to wear!! I have learnt from this! I have laid out my gym clothes on the bed, all he has to do is put them in his bag on his way to meet me! Silly silly boys.

I am upping my gym goal to 3 times this week. yes, it may be crazy considering I've been twice in the past two weeks, but I'm aiming high!

My name is Chubba. I am going to the gym 3 times this week. I will lose 1kg and be back to 74kg, my lowest weight so far. I will drink a minimum of 8 glasses of water every day. I will improve on all my goals.

I am testing a theory found at Fat Fighter Blogs! Lets hope it works!

Sunday, January 22, 2006

the duff

When I quit smoking, I knew that if I made three weeks I could make it for life... and well, guess who has officially broke the 21 day mark? Oh thats right.. I, sir, am a non-smoker. The boy said we should each take $100 from the money we have saved by not smoking and buy something special. I believe thats called a reward system! I have no idea what to buy.. ha! I guess some new workout clothes would be handy - its not really special, but no smoking and working out kind of go hand in hand.

Lets talk about yesterday. Bloody yesterday. Breakfast started off a little indulgent - eggs florentine with the hollandaise on the side. We then walked to the Aquarium (30 - 40 mins) and walked around the aquarium for over 2 hours (which was amazing!) so I figured I had burnt off most of that hollandaise and all was good in the world. But then I had a burger for lunch, and some bbq for dinner, met up with friends, ate sweet potato chips, had four glasses of wine and ended up at kfc. Ugh!

I've made up for it today though. Lots of fruit and good stuff. Made a super dooper tuna salad for dinner.

I should be weighing myself tomorrow, but I've got major bloat so I'm going to wait until next week. Actually, I lie. Chances are I will weigh myself, but will only consider it officially if I've lost.. any other result is bloat, duh : )

I went out with The Girls last night (The Girls are four girls I went to college with.. we all studied design) and boy did I feel like the old married maid! They are all gorgeous and single and having fun (grass is greener?), they had guys checking them out and yadda yadda - whilst I was the DUFF - Designated Ugly Fat Friend. I forget which horrible teen movie introduced me to the word DUFF, but its been burned into my mind.. I have always had really attractive friends and I've always been the duff. (oh, and by the way, I dont consider myself ugly, just the fat part, unfortunately a lot of people think fat = ugly) With no disrespect to my beautiful husband boy who thinks I'm gorgeous, I'd really like another boy to check me out, give me the eye before he notices the big rock on my finger. Its so silly to care what random males think of me, but god damn it, I'm a libran and vain!

Friday, January 20, 2006

today and yesterday

I wrote this yesterday, but didnt have a chance to post it...

oh the gym was so hard last night! I tried to run, I truly did, but my legs felt like dead weights. I really wanted to - my head was wanting to run, but my legs just couldnt move. So after 20 mins of half assed run/walking i turned the treadmill off and weight trained instead. Many people have told me they hate to weight train, that its boring, oh but I love it. I feel like a bad ass when I weight train. I feel like Uma in Kill Bill, or the hookers in Sin City.

There have been too many treats at work this week. My boss keeps buying donuts. The receptionist keeps buying cute little sweets - like freddo frogs, or kinder 'happy hippos' - who am I to refuse a happy hippo!? And worse still, I cant find any nutritional info for happy hippos : ) (I thought it was illegal not to print the info on the packaging?) oh look, I found some info on the happy hippo (and some disturbing photography!) 8 grams of fat! crap stixs. Thats one fat little hippo!

But to make up for such work time naughtiness, I've been very good today! It's just after lunch and I've had fruit, dairy, 4 serves of veggies, whole grains and the only thing for me to have for an afternoon snack is strawberries. And I've had over half of my water for the day. I'm such a good kid sometimes : )

Now its today!

My food ended up being perfect yesterday. All my daily goals were achieved for 1200 calories (I aim between 1200 - 1500 calories per day, preferably not over 1400!)

I even had a little breakthrough yesterday. Towards the end of work, I was feeling hungry so I ate my strawberries, but when I finished work, I was still feeling hungry and knew I wasnt going to last until dinner. So before I caught the train I went on a little walk to find something small to eat. I really wanted something deep dried or roasted - like a roast potato, or a chicken tenderloin so I headed in the direction of the chicken shop.. I walked in.. and walked straight out! I looked at the potatoes and the deep fried delicacies sitting in the window and thought yuck, I'm not putting that crap in my body. It wasnt about the calories, because I could have 'afforded' it. It was about the quality of the calories : ) In the end I went to the supermarket and bought a little portion controlled fetta and crackers. (I started to crave tuna, but figured you cant really eat a can of tuna standing at the train station!) I felt really responsible and in control. This, my friend, is a good sign.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Weekly review

1kg gone! yay! I weighed in at 75 kg this morning which has made me very happy indeed. My plan seems to be working.. ho ho ho.

And for my weekly goals? Well I went a fair bit better this week, but still not close enough!

- track everything I put in my mouth
yes, and I stayed within my calorie range 6/7 days! (saturday was a little naughty - had pizza!)

- drink eight glasses of water everyday
4/7 days.. getting better. And if I didnt make it to 8 glasses, I was pretty damn close, with 6 or 7 glasses : )

- eat a min of 2 fruit a day
3/7 days which is 3 days better than last week!

- eat a min of 4 vege a day
5/7 - same as last week

- eat dairy every day
6/7 days

- eat seafood twice a week
2/2 - but it was prawns both times. This week I want some fillets of fish

- go to the gym at least twice!
1/2 I went yesterday for the first time in forever! And I am so sore today. But it was amazing! And now that I haven't smoked for over two weeks, everything is so much easier to do. I hadnt ran for over a month, but ran yesterday at the same intensity I was doing before.. and I think this was because my lungs could handle it, ya know? I'm just automatically fitter!

- do something active everyday
Every day I either went for a walk or had a little rumble in the sack (which I'm counting as 'active'!) except for one day where I came home tired and grumpy, so we got a dvd and I made pita bread pizza : )

Overall, I'm pretty damn impressed this week. Even if I didnt reach all of my goals, I've really made an effort all week. The Boy and I have gym dates planned for the rest of the week - wednesday, friday and sunday. If we go to them all, I will be very happy. Having him as a gym partner isnt the smartest idea in the world. We are both very good at being lazy, and he isnt going to push me to go to the gym, and if he doesnt want to go to the gym, I'm not going to push him : ) However, when we finally make it to the gym, he is excellent at pushing me. Not for cardio, but for weights. He used to have a personal trainer, so he knows how to do everything properly and I think he secretly enjoys making me work and having control over me! Which is hilarious.

I made a batch of Bircher Muesli for the next few days. I had it for breakfast this morning and its so tasty... And its a guaranteed serve of fruit every morning. I soaked some un-toasted muesli and grated apple in apple juice and natural yoghurt over night, then added some extra yoghurt and strawberries this morning. and its oh la la!

This week, I want all my goals to be reached! I know if I'm reaching these goals, then there isnt much room left in my calorie limits to eat junk. And I know I'm going to be really full and satisfied if I'm meeting my fruit and vege goals. And I know that water and exercise is essential for my health.

I can do this : )

Monday, January 09, 2006

The week in review

9 days smoke free!

Its still hard and its still impacting my attempts at being healthy, but its starting to get easier. I've developed an addiction to Extra Sugar Free Watermelon Drops - so good! But be warned, excess consumption really does have a laxative effect : )

As for my healthy goals this week..? well, I am heading in the right direction, but I'm just not there yet...

- track everything I put in my mouth
yes, eventually. And I think the whole idea of tracking and counting the cals/fat is to ensure you stay 'on track' - that hasnt happened this week. I've just been recording everything and not really caring too much what the final figures say : )

- drink eight glasses of water everyday
2/7 Only made it to eight glasses on two days. I will improve this for next week.

- eat a min of 2 fruit a day
1/7 Only did this on one day! crap stix. This will be much easier this week when I'm back at work. Fruit is easy to eat at work.

- eat a min of 4 vege a day
5/7 days. And was just short on the other two days. Odd for me - I normally eat lots of vege.

- eat dairy every day
7/7 yay!

- eat seafood twice a week
2/2 Yes! Grilled barramundi for dinner one night and tuna pasta for lunch on day. Easy peasy : )

- go to the gym at least twice!
0/2 doh! But I did go for 2 1 hour walks instead of the gym. So not so bad. This week I really want to go back to the gym.

- do something active everyday
6/7 yep, every day, bar one, I felt like I'd done something active.. mainly walking every where instead of catching the bus.

This one I failed : ) But as the week has progressed, my sugar cravings have really settled down and I'm starting to feel normal again - in control of my 'treats'. And that was the overall intention of the goal anyways, so kinda, in a way, I reached this goal.

So this weeks goals are the same as last week - I just want to improve on my results! : ) I'm amending 'track everything I put in my mouth' to 'track everything I put in my mouth and stay within my cal/fat allowances'. Oh, and there wont be a ban on chocolate and coke anymore - I have them under control now.

I didnt lose this week, but I wasnt really expecting to for two reasons. One, I never lose weight the first week back 'being healthy' because its normally an adjustment week and, two, I ate a lot to fill the hole the smokes had left - I'm a little surprised I didnt gain.

I go back to work tomorrow, and although I am hating my job, I'm kinda excited, because healthy eating is easy at work! And because we are trying to save, I have to take my lunch to work everyday. The risk of eating badly during the day is very low.

Ah, and The Boy joined my gym! It will be nice for us to work out together. Well at the same time anyway. He has different goals and the only thing we will do together is a warm up, and occasionally I will join him for some weight training. I'm hoping we will push each other to get to the gym, thats the important part : )

Heres to a good week!

Wednesday, January 04, 2006


oh my gosh, yesterday was horrific! The night before I had been researching the effectiveness of patches versus quitting cold turkey. Cold turkey came up on top for me, so I thought I'd just do it. So I took the patch off and I've been nicotine free for 36 hours now, and those 36 hours have been hell!

What I ate yesterday -
Tomato and Cheese S/wich
Handful Strawberries
Jam sandwich
4 Squares dark chocolate
1 slice bread with 1 slice Lamb
4 slices of pizza (vegetarian, thin base, less cheese.. at least I was trying a little bit!)
3 turkish kofte with rice, salad and yoghurt
1 chocolate biscuit (friends dropped by with biscuits!)
1 smallest can baked beans, cold
4 squares of dark chocolate

Its so bad, that I can only laugh. I'm considering adding up the calories and fat but a part of me knows just to let it go. Apparently all the nicotine has left my body, and in a few days, all nicotine by products will be gone. The first day without my drug, of course, is going to be bloody hard so I can forgive myself for eating that badly.. but as the days go on, it gets easier, so my eating should be a lot better too.

So today I'm concentrating on fulfilling some of my weekly goals and trying to forget that I once loved a little burning stick. But I cant love a little burning stick that makes me feel like crap, costs too much and will no doubt kill me.

I've 'failed' on my no chocolate/no coke goal, but I'm going to keep working on that goal for the rest of the week. Oh, and I threw out the dark chocolate sitting in my fridge!

Monday, January 02, 2006

the quest for fresh

happy new year kids!

Its been over three weeks since I last posted.. oopsy! Since then, I've become a Mrs and gained 2 kgs! yay for me! I had our wedding one weekend, the next weekend was christmas, followed by days of family get togethers and bbqs, then there was all the fun and festivities of new years. Yesterday I weighed in at 76 kg. Holy begeebers batman!

I'm not one for New Years Resolutions, but by coincidence my need to get back on track and detox came yesterday. The boy and I put on a nicotine patch, I threw out the few remaining christmas chocolates in the fridge and we went for a swim. The fact that it was 45 degrees in Sydney really helped our efforts : ) I could barely breathe in the heat, let alone smoke and eating was one of the last things on my mind! My goal? To feel fresh and healthy, to have energy and to nurture my body. (fresh is a big one! i'm not quite sure if this feeling of fresh-ness that I desire is actually attainable.. does anyone really feel fresh all the time?)

Yesterday I pulled out my calorie counter from the drawer, and out fell a milky way wrapper - not a good sign! : )

I have some mini goals for the week - the basic of basics to pull me back into line

- track everything I put in my mouth
- drink eight glasses of water everyday
- eat a min of 2 fruit a day
- eat a min of 4 vege a day
- eat dairy every day
- eat seafood twice a week
- go to the gym at least twice!
- do something active everyday

I think its going to be a nice way to ease back into it all. I really need to get the sugar out of my system and I'm going cold turkey on the main offenders! Other then that, everything else should be a breeze. (ha!)

I hope everyone had a safe and fun holiday!