Monday, March 27, 2006

4:30 pm pump?

the 4:30pm pump class doesnt exist! The gym's website is outdated. But it didnt matter. I did a 30 minute run/walk and 15 mins on the upright bike - 350 cals burnt and I was drenched in sweat. I fixed my stitch problem by doing shorter run/walk intervals. My leg muscles have been pleasurably sore : )

I also weighed myself at the gym. A while ago I mentioned that the gym scale was about 5 kilos higher than my home scales.. well according to the gym scale I had lost 1.5 kilos since I last weighed about a month ago. I went home and weighed on my scales - it said 73.5 kilos. Yes indeed thats 1.5 kilos down from my last weigh. I weighed again this morning and it said 74 kg. Very interesting! I likey what I see. I'll wait until friday before I change anything on the side bar (friday is the new official weigh day)

The rest of the weekend went okay - I over ate a little yesterday, but I've got pump class tonight so it should even out.

Sitting in my purse is the business card of a personal trainer I've been recommended. I'm so bloody scared to call him... and am I sure I really want to send the money on this? I only want him to ensure I go to the gym and to give me a little extra guidance. But surely thats a valid reason? In fact, its probably a very good reason. I wish I had a gym buddy. Why are none of my local friends into working out?

Okay, maybe I should just call this dude!

Saturday, March 25, 2006

I did it!

I got my booty back into the gym.. and boy was it tough! I ended up getting a killer stitch whilst walk/running for only 15 mins and couldnt shake it.. in fact it got worse when I was walking.. so I hopped on the bike for 20 mins (the bike is so boring!) then decided to do 20 mins of weights. Besides the stitch, the run was actually pretty good, I felt light and was getting into a great stride.. damn it!

Food was pretty good yesterday, except for when the boy came home with a diced lamb pide. I had a slice with a bit of cacik. I still kept within my daily allowance, but it would have been nice not to have it : )

I had a gorgeous breakfast of spinach and eggs. Its the best breakfast (lunch/dinner/snack) ever! Spray non stick fry pan, saute half a diced onion, add a whole bunch of chopped and washed english spinach, salt and pepper, let it wilt and wait for the juices to evaporate, then crack 3 - 4 eggs on top (this is enough for two people), put on the lid and let the eggs cook over a low heat - eat it straight out of the fry pan with bread or without. (oh lookie! I've found a picture/recipe of something very similar.. without the spinach. Actually, this website rocks for turkish food - The Boy is very impressed.)

I've spent a good part of today cleaning.. got to love the workout when scrubbing the bathroom! And I'm going to the 4:30 pump class this afternoon.

Tomorrow I'm going to visit a friend for lunch.. the friend who has lost 6 kilos. I think we are going to a beer garden to eat... I'm hoping they have something suitable on the menu, and I'm going to limit myself to one beer. Which is pretty easy these days. I used to love beer and could drink it all night long. I still love a coldie, but lately I find after 2 beers, I just cant drink anymore. I'm bloated and full and the beer loses its freshness. This, I guess, is a good thing.

Friday, March 24, 2006

only 8 more hours 'til the weekend!

Yesterday turned out pretty good. I stuck to my plan, although in class last night I did indulge in a slither (cough) of Turkish Orange cake - made with oranges, almond meal and sugar. I'm a sucker for foods I've never tried before, I had to have a taste. I didnt touch the muffins, because I know what blueberry, or chocolate or whatever muffins taste like. Its logical : )

I've always loved tasting new foods - I'll eat anything once : ) One time some friends and I were at a steamboat restaurant and we accidently ordered beef spinal cord. We ate it. And it was actually pretty good.. like a chewy noodle. But then again, you can drop anything into that spicy broth and its gonna come out tasting delicious!

My new favourite condiment - yoghurt with a little wholegrain mustard and chives. I had it with my chicken breast last night. 1 tbs is around 25 calories and has about half a gram of fat (depending on what yoghurt you use) Its also tasty on potatoes.

Oh and an update on my diet coke addiction - I'm cured! I have had a total of two diet drinks since the beginning of february. The upside, my emotions are a lot more stable, no more headaches, no wacky feeling ('the wacky feeling' is hard to explain.. but I always felt it after too much diet coke..) The down side is, that I've been drinking full strength coke a fair bit more, but I'm working on that.

I'm really looking forward to the gym tonight! I've got an hour of cardio planned followed by some upper body work. Then I have the pleasure of going home and cleaning the apartment. (Since The Boy is working a second job its only fair that I become head cleaning lady...) yay for exciting friday nights!!

Thursday, March 23, 2006


I'm so full of bullshit! I havent gone to the gym yet, and I havent been counting calories, but a few things have happened in the last 24 hours that have inspired me to open up the old faithful calorie counter and schedule in a walk tonight (no gym, I've got turkish class)

number one: yesterday afternoon I went to visit a dress maker about my wedding dress for Turkey. (3.5 months away!) This is enough to get any girl thinking about their big fat bum again : ) And whilst I dont need to be too worried (its a muslim wedding after all - there wont be much flabby flesh on display) it started me thinking..

then, number two, I spoke with a friend of mine who has lost 6 kilos. This girl is the queen of junk! you dont even know! She was never fat during school, but had piled on over 20 kilos in the last few years. Over the last few months she has been going to the gym religiously, I'm not too sure about the eating... I'm sure she has changed things a little, but in my twenty minute phone call to her she mentioned chips, the skin of roast chicken, and take away.. god bless her soul : ) So yeah, exercise, good old fashion exercise. I love doing it and I love how I feel after doing it, so why has the couch been calling my name these last two weeks? I've lost my gym buddy - The Boy is working nights again. So this has contributed. But golly gosh, I'm a big girl and can go with out him! Friday. Gym. Locked in.

and the final push - this girl. I've only just discovered her blogging goodness, but she bought a smile to my face this morning, and out came the calorie counter. I want to feel a sense of achievement, I miss that feeling.

I dont want you all to think I'm being a sloth, sitting on the couch eating buckets of fried chicken.. really, I'm not. I'm just not pushing myself.

I've planned the rest of my meals and snacks for the day, 1300 calories - perfect. Plus a brisk walk home from class - 100 cals burnt. A net total of 1200 calories. Wonderful.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


where have I been? I dont know : ) I just couldnt think of anything to write lately.. I havent been very good, but I certainly havent been very bad. Since my sisters wedding, I havent been counting my calories, or religiously taking my lunch to work, but I've been alright. I've been going to the gym a few times a week, and trying to be active, 80% of the time my food is fabulously healthy but I recall a few hot chips and cans of coke over the last few weeks. I dont think I've gained any weight and I dont think I've lost any weight. Story of my life.. ha!

I think part of this has stemmed from me smoking again. Yes, dont look at me that way! I know its stupid.. I know. And I believe that smoking equals sloth. The house has been messier, my bank account has been smaller and I wake up feeling like crap. I'm putting poison in my body... but I'm not ready to stop again.. give me some time...

On a more positive note... The Boy got his residency! Which means we are now free! He can change his job, we can travel easily and we are secure in knowing he wont be deported. This, my friend, is the most wonderful feeling!

I'm busy tonight with Turkish class, and tomorrow night with Residency Celebration Drinks, but on Saturday I'll be at the gym nice and early. I havent been once this week! And I am getting itchy for a good work out!

I'm going to set up a session with a personal trainer to get some direction with my workouts. I need a little boost.

Thank you Luds and anon for wondering where I was.. so sweet... you both inspired me to post again : ) thanks!