Saturday, April 29, 2006

its free day!

But its not 'free to eat crap' day : ) silly ol me ate a meat pie for lunch and boy was it good. Thats enough crap for today. I had a healthy breakfast and I'll be having a healthy dinner, so all is well. I've started waitressing Saturday nights again (which pays for my dates with Mr PT plus some spending money left over) so tonight I'll be running around for a good 6 hours. (take that meat pie!)

My cardio session went well last night. I was definitely pushed harder than I would have pushed myself but not to the point of collapse. I did a 20 minute run/walk, running a little faster than normal, then 10 minutes on the bike, 5 minutes on the elliptical, ab workout then lots of stretching. So really, considering we were there for an hour, not much. I walked home with a beetroot red face and of course, I ran into some people I know!

Through my mum's business I can get wholesale gym clothes. I bought some tres cute yoga pants with matching zip up jackets. A black set and a grey set. The bottoms are size 16, and size 16 jackets - but the jackets are way too big. I'll take them to the laundromat down the road and put them in the super sonic dryer that shrinks everything in sight! (I should know. When I didnt have a washing machine I'd go there every week, and every week I thought I was getting fatter! those damn dryers ruined a lot of my clothes)

I just tried on an old black skirt that I used to wear when waitressing - I havent worn it for maybe, 18 months. I can put it on without unzipping it! It goes straight over my big booty. Yay! I made that skirt when I first started seeing The Boy. (yes, I can sew! and I should start sewing again, so cheap!) It used to fit perfect, but now I can fit both my arms inside when I'm wearing it. ahh.. its the little things..

Thursday, April 27, 2006


Last night was my back, shoulders, biceps workout with a bit of cardio. And today I'm feeling pleasantly sore. Tonight I've got chest and triceps which I'm looking forward too. (I dont think I can fully express just how much I LOVE having a plan..)

You know how I said that no carbs at night were easy? Well technically they are, but on monday and tuesday night The Boy was bringing home yummy carb loaded food. I couldnt resist a bite or two. But I've made a deal with The Boy - he cant bring home yummy carb loaded food when he finishes work! He was a little too quick to agree with me (damn him! had it really been so obvious that I had eaten too much of his pide on monday?) So last night he ate before he came home and it was fine. I didnt need that sneaky bite of carbs, or fat, or whatever else he was eating. Yesterday was a pretty much perfect day : )

I weighed myself at the gym last night. I seem to have lost some weight since my last weigh-in at the gym. But the gym scales are also dodgy! The digital reading jumps a lot - between 4 kilos yesterday! But all readings were under my previous gym weigh in. So yay me! No official update yet, I'll wait to see what my home scales say.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

loving it

Its been two nights without carbs and I'm really quite enjoying it! Last night I had grilled chicken with spinach salad and a mushroom baked with a little cottage cheese and some well drained sun dried tomato. Tonight, I had grilled eye fillet with a vegetable bake/stack thing I concocted. It was a thick slice of tomato topped with baby spinach, then dry grilled eggplant, dry grilled zucchini and a tbs of low fat tasty cheese, then I did the layering again, topped it with some s+p and popped it in the oven for about 10 minutes. Deliciousness!

I also had wholemeal spaghetti for lunch today. It was officially my first time eating wholemeal pasta which is odd for me considering I try eat unprocessed grains as much as possible - brown rice, wholemeal grain bread, wholemeal crackers, whatever. And I loved it! I'm so annoyed for not trying it sooner.

Sunday, April 23, 2006

cutting the carbs!

Friday night was another date with Mr PT. We worked my chest and triceps. All my strength training works my upper body - a sneaky trick to balance my big booty! The PT is already worth his $65 a week.. thursday night I totally didnt feel like going to the gym because I was meeting a friend for a beer (a beer, thats one beer! dont you worry).. but I went because I knew I had to cross my back and shoulders work out off my list! I made my friend wait and meet me after the gym. The gym was priority before beer!?!

I'm such a child... if I'm accountable to someone, I do it, but if I'm accountable to myself I can easily blow it off and 'do it tomorrow'. I gotta work on that shit. I'm doing this for me, not for Mr PT.

I really happy with my program. I can tell its going to produce results. I like having a plan. Its better than me going to the gym and just doing something willy nilly because I feel like it.

He has given me my eating plan... and yes, my freak out from a few weeks back was spot on - no carbs at night!! Its pretty much a low fat, low GI deal. I'm cool with the food from breakfast to my afternoon snack, its what I pretty much aspire to eat anyways, but dinner.. ugh : ) Its going to take me a while to get used to. I've been going through my cook books trying to find some suitable dinners (no carrot, pumpkin or corn allowed either at night) and its hard! I've been searching 'no carb' recipes online but they all seem to be filled with cream, butter, bacon and four kinds of cheese.. haha! Bring on the kumara (yam) and mashed cauliflower : ) Does anyone have a no carb, low fat recipe that they love? Tell me!

A major plus with the eating plan is that I'm only expected to follow it hardcore monday - friday. On the weekends I can relax a little. Obviously I cant go crazy and eat crap, but it doesnt have to be so structured.

The eating plan is below if anyone is interested!

On other fabulous news, we have booked out flights for Turkey! We are flying out of Sydney on the 6th of July and wont be returning until October 30th! 4 months of travelling and hanging out in The Boy's hometown - a tiny village thats pretty much self sufficient - they grow all their own fruit and veggies, they have fields of wheat that they have processed and have their own flour, they make their own dehydrated soup by laying it on sheets of fabric in the sun! Paradise. Thats some good healthy eating!

Eating Plan

8 am breakfast

1 bowl cereal, skim milk
Omlette, 2 -3 egg whites, onion, shallots, mushroom, capsicum, tomato etc.
1/2 - 1 piece low GI fruit (apple, pear etc)
1/3 cup low fat/GI yoghurt

10 am snack
1 fruit, handful unsalted nuts (almonds, walnuts, peanuts, linseed)
mountain breads with chicken breast/tuna with low fat cottage cheese, onion tomato, lettuce etc. Optional sauce or low fat mayo.
1 fruit and low fat/GI yoghurt

1 pm lunch
wholegrains or legumes (all low GI options. eg. basmati rice, pasta vermicelli, wholegrain pasta, cous cous, soya beans, lentils, kidney beans, lima beans, split peas, chick peas, black eyed peas etc)
with lean protein and veggies.

4:30 pm snack
Protein bar
2 hardboiled egg whites and 3 almonds
crispbread with low fat cottage cheese, protein and vegetable source

7:30 pm dinner
Lean cut of protein and veggies (no potato, carrot, corn, pumpkin etc)
Lean cut protein and salad

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

I've got a terrible case of tuedayitis!

Back to bloody work : )

My long long weekend was fabulous! I spent Friday doing not much - washing, cleaning, getting all the chores out of the way. Saturday morning we got up early and ventured to Palm Beach. The guesthouse was gorgeous (you can look here). We hiked up to the top of Barrenjoey Lighthouse (killer workout! my lungs were on fire!) On the way back down I stacked it big time.. I rolled down rocks, grabbing onto various young trees for support, but alas, it was too late. My rolling finally stopped when I slammed into a bank of dirt : ) Needless to say, I'm a little sore and I'm pretty sure one of my toes are broken.. but I didnt let that stop me from enjoying my weekend!

We had dinner at the guesthouse.. we usually share our meals by swapping our plates half way through (whats everyones opinion on this? I dont think its the norm, but does anyone out there find it rude?) so for starters we had a prawn and scallop salad with mango puree and a mushroom bruschetta (best mushroom bruschetta ever!). For mains we had a grilled seafood plate - prawns, salmon, balmain bugs and calamari (which was deep fried, not grilled, bastards!) and eye fillet with spinach, potato, kumara and red wine sauce.

Dessert was a doozy! We ordered a chocolate souffle and some berry thing (I forget the name!). The waiter bought over the berry thing and a pear tart. What happened to the souffle?! She wasnt sure but informed us the souffle would take another 15 minutes if we wanted it, so we said forget it and just ate what she gave us. As we were finishing our desserts, along came the waiter with the souffle! Apparently there was some mix up and we ended up with three desserts. My dream.. my nightmare : ) I showed some restraint and only had a taste of the souffle.

We went fishing, lazed about in the sun, ate breakfast in bed.. it was just delightful!

I didnt go to the gym over the weekend, and wont be going tonight (have a big deadline.. ugh!) but I'll be back there on wednesday with bells on. I also havent weighed myself because its almost TOM. But the skirt I'm wearing right now seems to be sitting a little lower than normal! Love it!

Friday, April 14, 2006

I love a long, long weekend!

The Boy and I fell asleep on the couch last night, in spooning position, and oh my gosh, my whole body is aching.. not good! I think I've done something to my knee too. It got stuck in such an awkward position that when I woke up and went to move it, a sharp pain shot through my leg. eesh! only 23 and cant hack a night on the couch.. I need my firm bed, and my special contoured pillow : )

Mr PT and I had a date last night.. I was nervous, again, but it was easy.. we spent the hour weight training, mainly working on my technique. The weights were light, but I learnt a lot.

A handy tip that he told me: Do your weight training before your cardio! I always do my cardio first then weights, but nope. Apparently its more beneficial to weight train and use all your glucose stores, so when you get on the treadmill your body is ready to start burning the fat. Makes perfect sense.

I get my eating plan next week. I'm a self confessed foodie. The Boy and I love our growing collection of recipe books and magazines. I love cooking and trying new foods, so I'm a little concerned about what Mr PT has install for me. I hope there is room for a little creativity!

Tomorrow we're off for a little romantic getaway. The guest house stay includes a three course meal and drinks so no doubt I'll be a little naughty Saturday night, but I'm planning on being extra cautious the rest of the weekend.

Have a happy easter everyone!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

first session with Mr PT

phew! my personal training session went fine! We actually didnt train at all. He spent an hour measuring my fat, grabbing my fat, feeling my bones and muscles under my fat and talking about my fat. He was very thorough! But I like him a lot! He is the first person who has fully explained to me why I get back pain (crazy back pain that turns into a pain that runs from my temple down to my toes on the right side of my body) He told me to go back to the chiropractor (conveniently, his wife is a chiro - should I be suss?)

He was impressed with my hamstrings! I've got killer hamstring flexibility - a few professionals have mentioned this. I suspect this comes from the years of dancing I did as a youngster because the only good stretch they get these days is in the bed with The Boy : )

So Mr PT has sent me away with a food diary to fill in over the next 5 days before I see him again. Its quite amazing how paranoid you get about the food youre eating when you know someone is going to analyse it!

When I see him again, he'll have a program worked out for me and we'll be good to go! I'm very glad I didnt cancel on him : )

Friday, April 07, 2006

personal training freak out

Oh my gosh, I'm so nervous. Why, why!?! He is a personal trainer, his job is to train. Train people like me. I have nothing to be afraid of.

I think I'm secretly afraid that he is going to turn my world upside down and get me to do things I'm not comfortable with - like, not eating carbs after 4pm. I dont believe in that shit. Or maybe that he will have me work on the bloody elliptical machine for 30 minutes straight... bor-ring!

I'm afraid of changing what I do. I have a system, but my system isnt working so good. But I like my system!

I'm going to stop writing because I can feel this turning into some sort of Dr Phil moment and I so couldnt be bothered : )

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Im a very silly girl...

So last week when I spoke to the personal trainer, I made an appointment with him even though I hadnt fully decided if I'd go through with it. After I thought about the money I had every intention of cancelling my appointment.. but I didnt. I totally forgot! I got a phone call from him tonight - he was waiting for me at the gym. I was on the bus. And boy did I feel horrible! Horrible enough not to tell him that I dont want a personal trainer. Horrible enough to reschedule for Friday night. eeep!

Apparently, I now have a personal trainer : )

And you know what this means, I have to butt out the cigarette thats currently in my hand. Is this some sort of twisted fate?

I went to the gym this morning before work and had enough time to go home to get changed. Its so good when knock off time rolls around and you know you can go straight home. No lugging a gym bag on the bus. I am going to go again tomorrow morning! Its in writing!

For the past two days my eating has been a little heavy. I havent eaten anything 'bad', its all been nutritious, just a little too much of it. Like the baked potato with beans last night, too many carbs man!

Monday, April 03, 2006

vegie patch


I'm officially changing that side bar to 74kg : )

I've had a pretty busy week and havent had much of a chance to update. I've been pretty good, besides the cheeseburger meal and some drinking on friday night!

Yesterday the boy and I replanted our herb garden! And I planted a cherry tomato plant and sowed some silverbeet and carrots. I'm so excited! I spent the rest of the day 'casually' poking my head out into the courtyard to see how my little babies were growing. (Unfortunately, I realised that our crop wont be ready until we are about to go overseas, ha! oh well, looks like my Mum will be enjoying my silverbeet.) It may sound odd, but whenever I do totally domestic stuff like this, it always makes me want a baby.. hmm..

I've got pump class tonight and I'm going to be there! (last monday I had to run to the doctors before class, and by the time I got to the gym it was 6:25pm and they had already started the 6:30 class, bastards!)

And oh, update on the personal trainer.. he is just way too expensive. Technically we can afford it, but I dont think I can justify it when we are trying to save to go traveling. Perhaps I can find someone cheaper... (perhaps I should stop smoking and tah-da! there is the personal trainer money! ugh, I'm hopeless!)

And thanks Debbie, for dropping by and saying hi!