Monday, May 29, 2006

wrap dresses and jeans

every fashion store in sydney has been bombarded with wrap dresses! At first I was excited by this - most are a decent length and a v-neck line looks great on me. I tried on my first wrap dress this weekend. note to all the 'fat bottom' girls out there - do not do it! major pear alert. my husband, who was dutifully hanging out near the change rooms saw me in the wrap dress and out came 'baby... can I be really honest with you? from your waist up, its great but.... hmm..' The said dress was returned to the rack! I went to another store and tried on a slightly different style, just to be sure, but nope. There will be no wrap dresses for me this year : )

I think I've mentioned it here before - I dont wear pants. With my 5'3" pear shape, a pair of pants makes my ass look like a ball on a stick, or a dumpy clown. So I'm more fond of a skimming a-line skirt. Even in the middle of winter. I just add some tights, a big scarf, coat and I'm fine. This is Sydney after all. But sometimes a girl just wants to wear some jeans! Being a bit of a mental case, occasionally I walk into a shop, grab a random pair of pants and try them on. I did this again on the weekend.. I got The Boy to do the random picking for me (he must think I'm a total nutter sometimes.. but he keeps indulging my whims) He picked out a very nice pair of jeans and I'm pleased to report they were 53% wearable. Front was fantastic! thighs, smooth. belly, flat. Then we spin around to the side. Bum profile, perky, not too bulbous. But the wide load back shot - not too good.

The Boy. once again: 'baby... can I be really honest with you...?'

Chubba: 'oh shut up!'

We then went home and had fabulous sex. Sometimes I really love that man : )

(by the way - my shopping expedition wasnt so bad, I did manage to find two skirts I love - one reduced from $100 to $20. love it! a few beads, a purse and a pair of shoes.. pretty good day I say)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

date with Mr PT

so Mr PT and I had our weekly date last night. He informed me that in two weeks time my program will be changing - I'll be going all hardcore before I go to Turkey. I'm more than willing to go super hardcore. In two weeks time I'll have measurements taken to see how I've progressed so far. He tells me he is expecting some drop between our inital measurements and now, but is expecting a considerable drop during the 'hardcore weeks'. My maths tell me the hardcore phase will last 3 weeks (with a week and a bit of me doing it on my own before I leave Sydney).

I weighed myself this morning. 72.5 kg on the home scale. It hasnt really moved for the last two weeks. Not happy! But I've noticed I'm smaller, so I'm blaming the scale woes on increased muscle. However, I have a goal. I will be 71 kg on the home scale before Mr PT's measurements. Just because I can be if I try : )

Monday, May 22, 2006

the good, the bad and the not so snug

The good news: I didnt eat a meat pie, I went to the gym, I ate a healthy lunch on Sunday and I even cleaned out the pantry. hooray!

The bad news: I ate pizza Saturday night. Well technically it wasnt pizza, it was pide. But really, minus a tomato base, pide is pizza. oh but I had to eat it! I made it all by myself. It was the dodgiest pide I've ever seen. It kinda fell apart in the oven. I didnt put enough cheese on (was trying to b healthy) so it was dry, a little bit burnt and the dough was too thick... but it was my pide : ) And it was vegetarian. So I guess it wasnt too bad, but ugh to carbs so late at night.

The rest of my weekend eating was great though. No take away, nothing too naughty. Except for a bite sized caramel round from the cute little bakery where we had our coffee after the gym Sunday morning. A pretty damn good weekend otherwise!

oh oh! And on Sunday I put on a pair of gym pants, a pair that has NO stretch in them. and they were loose! This is fabulous. They used to be quite snug. I have two pairs the same - a size 18 and a size 16. When I bought them, the 18s were a little loose but the 16s were snug. The 18's can not be worn anymore and I'm proud to say that the 16s are heading that way : )

A regular customer at the restaurant (who, truth be told, I despise!) noticed I have lost weight and was actually really nice about it. I was feeling great Saturday night. I had a few customers tell me I was looking good (I think this was mainly due to my hair, I wore it in a very preppy half up, instead of a messy bun) and had one guy giving me the eye. I really liked Saturday night. haha.

Its almost home time and I started writing this at 9 am this morning, eesh! bye bye.

Friday, May 19, 2006

goals for the weekend

  • do not, under any circumstances eat a meat pie, no matter how appetizing The Boy makes it seem.

  • go to the gym with The Boy once. He hasnt used his gym membership in over 2 months!

  • If I have to eat late on Saturday night after my waitressing shift, it shouldnt be pizza! It will be protein and vege. No carbs at midnight!

  • clean out my pantry. there is nothing naughty in there, except for some white rice and pasta - haha! but its just a big mess and I keep buying food I already have. There are at least 10 tins of tuna floating around, but I buy more every time I go for a shop : )

  • prepare a delicious meal for The Boy and I for our picnic/fishing adventure on Sunday. That way I wont have to go on a hot chip run : )

  • easy!

    Thursday, May 18, 2006

    carbs and nuts and stuff

    oh its been a while! (and my last post was on a bad note.. doh, I hate doing that!)

    All is well in chubba land. Last week was a slacker of a week, no gym, lazy eating. But this week has been much much better : ) I had a cardio session with Mr PT on tuesday night - holy crap sticks! He pushed me hard. My legs were like jelly, my lungs caught fire and my gym clothes were well and truly drenched. it was fabulous!

    I have nothing to write! No great sins, no great feats. I'm just coasting along. Which in some ways scares me a little. I dont think I'm pushing myself hard enough. My eating could be better.. its a little too relaxed. Like the 2 tablespoons of white rice I had with my grilled chicken and salad last night. I shouldnt have had it, but it was such a tiny amount I convinced myself it was okay. I noticed the difference in my belly when I was falling asleep.. my belly felt full. The night before when I had no carbs, my belly felt satisfied, but not full.

    I also need to buy some more nuts!

    Monday, May 08, 2006

    so freaking naughty!

    my weekend was so naughty! Friday night I ate pizza and drank a few pimms. Saturday I didnt have lunch, went to work at 6pm and proceeded to eat copious amount of bread and dip between serving customers then at midnight had pide for dinner (which is essentially freaking pizza again!). It gets worse... I ate KFC for lunch on Sunday.

    Am I for real?

    Bring on structured monday to friday! I've got 5 days to decided how to attack the weekend. I think I've got to stay closer to plan. I pretty much fobbed off the entire plan and went a little crazy. (I didnt over eat though, which is good!) And I can feel it today too.. my belly is in major bloat mode.

    poo! I'm a little sad sack today!

    oh well.. I've had my healthy breakfast and it almost snack time. I've got my gym back packed. My belly wont feel like this tomorrow : )

    Thursday, May 04, 2006

    yay me!

    my home scale read 72 - 73 kilos this morning! (It will be recorded as 73, just to be on the safe side)

    This is mighty impressive since I ate cake on monday, AND on tuesday. Monday I made the decision to eat cake because it was a work friends birthday, but Tuesday.. oops! it was work friends left over birthday cake. I should have said no, but oh well, next time!

    Yesterdays eating was angelic to make up for it : ) whole grain cereal, snack of nuts and fruit, zucchini and broccoli soup with a slice of whole grain bread for lunch, cottage cheese on a cracker for a snack, and salmon fillet with leek, tomato and green beans made into a kinda confit. oh, and a few dried apricots as a treat.

    Todays eating plan is to be just as angelic! I've been to the gym twice already this week (once with the trainer) and plan to go friday and sunday. friday will be a long cardio workout which I'm actually looking forward to (oh my golly goshkers! whats going on!?!)

    I have a second wedding dress fitting on Saturday (for the Turkish wedding). Tonight I'm going to purchase some super dooper underwear. One of those whole dress slimming things just to squish down all the lumps and bumps and give me a smoother silhouette. Trinny and Susanna are big fans : )

    I'm shitting myself today - I have to resign! well technically I dont have to resign today, but I'm trying to give them 7 weeks notice instead of the required 4. I'm nice like that : ) When you work in a small company resigning is way too hard! Especially when two other people have also resigned in the last month. ugh! I hope I am not the straw that breaks the camel's back. wish me luck!