Monday, August 07, 2006


hey all! thought it was about time i said hello! ive been having a wonderful time. The first two weeks centred around the wedding, which was like nothing ive ever experienced... for those who want a full recap on our Turkish village style wedding, complete with photos (where I reveal my identity... oooohh! juicy!) you can email me at natty_o at and İll email you. i dont want to post photos of my face here.. im a wuss and dont want to be 'outed' any time soon : )

I think im getting fatter! I havent weighed myself, because no one seems to have scales in their bathrooms. There are plenty of little kids and old men on the footpath charging 1lira to weigh on their scales but there is something not quite right about standing on a scale in the middle of the street : )

But yes, I am definately fatter. I guess I have gained 4 kg. Which for 4 weeks of holidaying isnt so bad.. but Ive got another 12 weeks of holidaying, and thats bloody scary! İ have none of my weight loss tools with me.. no calorie counter, no gym, no personal trainer, no idea what im eating half the time! İve eaten liver, tripe and intestines without even knowing : ) Even when I try cook for myself, its quite hard as half of my regular ingredients cant be found in the local shops here - I travelled almost 2 hours to a fancy little shop in some filthy rich suburb to find balsamic vinegar : )

And the bread! The copious amounts of white bread! My trainer would be having a heart attack if he knew how much white bread i have consumed. And brown rice does not exist, except in that fancy little shop : )

I may moan, but the food has been amazing. Ive eaten wild plums straight from the tree, there are watermelons every where right now, the sweetest juiciest peaches are 2 lira a kilo (in australia, they would be atleast 6 dollars a kilo in peak season), bread is baking three times a day, so much fetta, lots of grilled lamb, the tastiest kofte at a truck stop. hmm.. these all seem to be very healthy foods.. why is my ass getting fatter? just way too much food, and lots of non healthy foods in between. like being on the road and eating crisps, or the white rice cooked with oil, the fried peppers, the baklava and chocolate\pistachio puddings, too much coke, the beer, wine and sitting near the aegean sea with a fruity cocktail.. sigh. its a been fabulous!

But the holiday eating has got to stop. I've started to cut back on the white bread, much to The Boy's family's dismay : ) Im going to work out a way to eat following the trainers guidelines as much as possible. Next week, when we go to stay in the Village, there will be lots of opportunity for hiking so ill just have to get my butt into gear!