Wednesday, September 20, 2006

tomato paste and fasting

Okay, im not even going to mention my lack of blogging.. shhh! Since i last wrote, ive been in the village, eating village food. You see, The Boys family is pretty much self sufficient. İf its growing in the garden, they eat it. Youve got tomatoes, peppers, beans, cucumbers and onions. Maybe some corn (which ive discovered is really maize and not so tasty) if youre lucky. So every meal revolves around these veggies. i dont want to see another freaking cucumber for a very long time!

Ive also discovered that many village foods can be made from tomato paste. Potatoes boiled with onion and tomato paste. Chickpeas boiled with tomato paste. Pasta boiled then dressed in butter and tomato paste. We once had all three of these carbs and tomato paste for lunch, with white bread and no salad. And my mother in law was still confused why I didnt touch my bread.. ha! Oh gosh, i sound like an ungrateful little snob! Im not, really! I just find it fascinating after years of nutritional research and trying to be ‘healthy’.

Weve also been travelling around Turkey, doing all the touristy stuff and having a blast. Weve spent lazy days swimming in the Aegean sea, other days exploring countless ruins, done Ephesus, Gallipoli, Cappadoccia, lots of hours on coaches, eating lots of fabulous foods, some not so fabulous seafood leaving me sick for days, another time i drank some tap water and ended up with a drip in my arm, hilarious stuff i tell you! Ive spent too much money on wonderful handcrafts – gorgeous bags and felt blankets.

But the travel is all over. On Sunday starts Ramadan (for those of you who dont know, its 30 days of fasting during daylight hours. Its a Muslim thing. And for those wondering about my religion.. who knows dude, who knows.) I will be taking part… and im really looking forward to it. Sure, its probably not so great for my metabolism but its going to be some very healthy 30 days!

We will be in the village for most of Ramadan, and ive already compiled a shopping list of foods to buy in Istanbul before entering the village of white bread! Muesli, nuts, brown rice and pasta, yoghurt, cans of tuna, low fat milk and cheese, lean meats, lots of nutrionally rich foods and maybe some good quality dark chocolate : ) The wonderful thing about the village is that there is very little temptation. The food ive got is the food ive got to eat (even though it will draw lots of attention from the inlaws! Im a bit concerned about offending them by cooking seperately! But a fat girl’s gotta do what a fat girl’s gotta do)

I will be back near a computer in a few weeks time and Im looking forward to giving an update! Wish me luck!