Sunday, October 15, 2006

my waist is back, baby

I'm writing this on the 8th of October. I'm kinda bored in the village and golly gosh I need something to do.. so I'm kinda updating the blog.

Whilst I havent stepped on a scale for almost 4 months now, I'm pretty certain I have lost all my holiday weight while still on holiday! Fabulous, just fabulous. I hadnt really noticed until I was in the shower the other day. I was washing my oblique area and wow! where did all the fat go? It felt smooth and almost hard (haha, almost!).

The inlaws have been savvy to this weight loss for a while now. Since we have returned to the village its all they have been talking about, with a lot of tut tutting! I've had old photos of me bought out and compared to my current physique and with my bad turkish I've understood 'before, fat. you very beautiful. now.. tut tut'. Every time I eat comments are made about how I didnt eat enough and food is thrust into my hands. But rest assured my friends, I am eating plenty! I've come to my own conclusion based on what I know of Turkish culture.. my weight loss reflects badly on them as hosts. If a guest looses weight whilst staying in their house it makes them look like they havent provided enough. Its all rather hilarious and I cant just force myself to eat more to stop them looking bad : )

Ramadan is going quite well. I skipped a few days because of a cold. I've tried to ensure every meal is nutritionally balanced as possible.. some days are easier than others, depending on who is cooking. (oh, have I ever actually said that we are staying at The Boys parents house in the village, and that his brother, wife and two kids live here too? So its either the mum, sister in law or me and The Boy cooking. But the mum and the sister in law cook the same things anyways..) Unfortunately I've run out of oats and you cant get oats locally, so no more bircher museli for me! I perfected a lovely blend of oats, grated apple, dried apricots, sultanas, almonds, walnuts and a sprinkle of coconut. I've also been terribly naughty at times with chocolate and tahini helva (a sweet made from sesame seeds.. sooo good!)

The best part about being back in the village has been the mushroom hunting! Hours of fun hiking through the forest looking for tender young mushrooms. So many tasty varieties all ready to be turned into a lovely risotto. And trampling up hills is wonderful exercise too! We've turned our mushrooms into stirfries, thanks to the help of some noodles and oyster sauce found in ONE Istanbul store. And we fired up the outdoor wood oven and made mushroom pizzas from scratch (and pizzas with other goodies too whilst we were at it). Mushroom soup and mushrooms sauted with onions and tomato. We have been mushroom crazy! (ooph, all this food... how have I lost weight at all?)

Only a few weeks left in Turkey before back to reality... I'm not looking forward to it, but I have some great news about a new apartment thats available for us to move into when we return.. the beach is at our front door and a pool is at our back door! so bloody perfect for summer and the rent is super dooper cheap! More about that later and my summer fitness plans (that of course, revolve around the beach and the pool!)

ta tah!