Sunday, November 26, 2006


ooph! why am I finding it so hard to get back into being healthy? On friday night I went to the pub with a friend and had a chicken schnitzel with chips, salad and hollandaise sauce.. hello! thats a heart attack on a plate : ) luckily I ate all the salad.

this week will be a little easier I think. The Boy and I did a really good shop yesterday so there is lots of yummy healthy food in the house. Although tomorrow night I am going out for dinner again... dammit : )

I'm making some goals for the week... just little ones at the moment to help me regain my focus.

- cut back on the coca cola! 1 glass per day (with the goal of getting it down to a few glasses per week)
- walk/jog 3 x 1hr
- very limited refined sugar products. step away from the biscuits at my mums.
- eat a piece of fruit every day
- be conscious of how much butter/oil/sauce/cheese etc I am using.
- drink 8 glasses of water every day. no excuses!


well I'm off to make some dinner... something healthy of course.. maybe some grilled lamb and vegies.

tuna pasta salad

tuna pasta salad
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my new favourite lunch! Its easy peasy.

for 2 - 3 people (technically 3, but The Boy eats enough for two)

2 small cans of of sirena tuna in oil. well drained. (I like the chilli variety, but 'italian syle' is just as good) And i guess you dont need to use Sirena brand, but that tuna is the best dude.

1 small tomato, diced

1/2 a small red onion, diced

handful of green beans, blanched and cut into pieces

1 boiled egg, diced

lots of parsely and chives

a little parmesan cheese

few handfuls wholemeal pasta, cooled under cold water and drained very well.

put it all in a bowl, mix it up, add a little s+p and tah dah! no extra oil is required because of the tuna in oil. a little bit of lemon juice might be nice too.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

getting back in the groove

well hello! I'm back in Australia! well, I've been back for two weeks now but I just havent had much to say health wise. I've just been taking it easy and trying to maintain... I came back to Australia weighing 71kg but I weighed in today at 73kg. Eesh! Must have been those meat pies! I hope it was just a once off.. I'll check again tomorrow. But I have a feeling it could be true. I've been eating things I would normally try to avoid... hot chips, meat pies, icecream (that is stupidly sitting in the freezer and calling my name!), sticky date pudding... and these were all eaten in my home! That meant I bought them and brought them into my house. Very silly! I could forgive myself if they were eaten out, or at someone elses house... but in my house I should have complete control!

This has got to change of course. And it will : ) Its been so long since I've been in 'diet mode' that it feels like I'm starting from the beginning. But its good. I've pretty much maintained for the last few months. I dont have that 'fuck, I have to lose the weight I've already lost' feeling! I'm going to get back into the 'trainers eating plan'. Start taking some walks - I'm living right on the beach with a beautiful paved walking track, I'd be a fool not to use it! And once we get some more money coming in, its back to the gym. There are a few options around this new area I'm living in and I'll start looking into them soon. I've got a free pass to one of them, yay : )

Also, I'm not going back to 9 - 5 design work. I'll be working part time and doing my own design business and working on a new business venture, so I dont have a set routine. Which is kinda hard... it feels like every day is a weekend. For my diet sanity I have to establish a routine! I'll be thinking long and hard about this one.

The other night I met up with some friends I hadnt seen in over 5 months and there were compliments all round on how I was looking! But really, I havent really lost any weight in the last 5 months. None of the girls had mentioned my weight loss before, so I'm thinking that they had finally just realised I was looking different, you know what I mean? They have an idea in their heads of what I should look like. I had slowly been changing in front of their eyes but they still kept that same idea. So when I met up with them after such a long time, they were expecting to see that original chubba and when it wasnt, it finally sunk in : )

I'll keep you updated a lot more regularly now that I have an internet connection!

love chubba