Friday, January 12, 2007

house wife.

I've just made YP's apple and apricot compote and its very delicious. I cheated a little by only soaking the apricots for 30 mins (it was a last minute decision to make it for breakfast and I was hungry!) I was hoping to eat my apple compote with some natural yoghurt, but alas, it had gone bad. The only other yoghurt was some naughty King Island Dairy vanilla bean. Its a 'dessert' yoghurt and it was all a bit too much with the compote so I ended up eating around the yoghurt and of course, now I'm still hungry : )

The Boy is currently in discussions with his old boss about his old job with a brand new salary! Before we went on holidays, The Boy did the same as me.. quit his job with the intention of doing something different when we returned. And he did. He got his dream position at his dream company. (damn him and his super luck!) but it turned out its not as dreamy as we had hoped. So his old boss has offered him his old job back with a ludicrously huge pay increase. If all is well and he accepts, this will mean I can be totally carefree about my creative pursuits - not worrying if they will bring in enough money to cover the rent. And this feels fabulous. However, this will have me doing more cleaning! The Boy is totally cool with me earning sporadic money, as long as he doesnt have to clean the house. He begrudgingly abides by my feminist 'if we both contribute financially to the running of the household, then we both must contribute to the up keep of the household' rule. Its about to totally swing his way, god damn it!

My health is just coasting along at the moment. I've recovered from my tummy bug. I've been eating well, but nothing spectacular. The Boy and I made a wonderful stew on Wednesday night - saute onion and beef, add tomato paste, water and a heap of whatever vegies are around, a crap load of pepper and simmer, simmer, simmer. It was just so simple and delicious. I miss that The Boy is always at work during dinner time. I could never be bothered to 'stew' something just for my little old self (even though its easy as, its kinda hard to make a 'small' stew). Must put more energy into my dinners!

Its going to be a killer hot day - over 40C they say. Which means a swim and a walk along the beach around 8pm will be in order! Until then, I'm keeping locked inside with a pile of work that needs to be done, ugh : )


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