Saturday, January 13, 2007

our babies

our babies - the vegie patch
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a few weeks back the boy and I did a little gardening and sowed seeds in these old planters stuck to our courtyard fence. (note the tres sexy red brick.. eek!) In the first image you can see tall tomatoes towards the back and eggplant (known as aubergine in some circles) in the forground. Next is a close up of some spinach (we planted another lot of spinach, but it doesnt get as much sun and has been stunted). Then we have some parsely and basil. We also have oregano and baby carrots.

The boy and I often fight over who gets to water them. If one of us is missing from the house, there is a good chance the person in question will be standing by the veggie planter boxes, just looking.

Somethings to remember today:

  • water! I'm feeling kinda dehydrated.

  • yogalates. I would have preferred a swim but its overcast and a little windy.

  • I have to work tonight. no more procrastinating!

  • I'm off to get coffee! Enjoy your weekend!


    Anonymous Faith said...

    I love your little, orderly, vegging patch! I told my husband he could plant some veggins in a discreet location in front of our backyard deck (so no one would see it) as he really wanted some tasty Queensland blue pumpkins. Alas, the pumpkins are now trying to take over the whole deck!! Arrgh. The man keeps telling me it will be worth it when we are dining on tasty pumpkin soup??

    5:31 AM  

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