Saturday, January 27, 2007

Thank you glossy magazine!

At the supermarket check out tonight I picked up a copy of 'Slimming and Health' magazine, and I bought it for the read (damn supermarkets and their positioning of magazines.. evil I tell you). Attached to the front was a 'hand bag size Food and Fitness Diary' - ooohh lucky me! (note the sarcasm)

Well I thought since I'd had a reasonably healthy day besides a 600 ml coke, I'd fill it out and feel pretty good about myself. Not quite! 1940 calories and 69.7 grams of fat. Holy crap sticks! Living in denial my friend.

Wanna know what I ate?

1 toasted cheese and vegemite sandwich
(wholemeal bread, little butter, low fat cheese)

1/2 a peanut butter and honey sandwich
1 cappuccino with 1/2 teaspoon of sugar

Small serve of wholemeal pasta with grilled asparagus, fetta and a little olive oil
600 ml coke

Small veal steak crumbed in wholemeal bread, fried with smear of olive oil (it was a smear, I swear!)
Steamed carrots, green beans and broccoli, dash of olive oil
Small boiled potato

4 squares of dark chocolate

And I just remembered I didnt even add the 3 nuts I ate whilst unpacking the groceries : )

I guess if I take out the coke and the chocolate it wouldnt have been so bad - 1480 calories and 55.7 grams of fat. And I could have substituted the honey and peanut butter sandwich for some yoghurt. And if I had done this, my day would have been perfect-o! (oh, and I should have eaten some fruit.. god damn it)

So now I'm thanking Slimming and Health magazine for a little wake up call. I might just start filling out my hand bag sized Food and Fitness diary for the prescribed 7 weeks. I dont want to go back to counting calories hardcore but I could definitely do it for 7 weeks to keep my (expanding) ass in line!

Remember, I said this was a healthy day. I can only imagine the figures from yesterday. What have I been doing to myself? I have noticed my clothes getting tighter, my belly feeling 'jiggly-er'. The scales arent saying much - they tell me I weigh 75 kg. Thats 3 kilos more than what I was 6 months ago, but 6 months ago I had some muscle.

I'm going to go ponder, in a non depressing kind of way! Wish me luck : )


Anonymous Anonymous said...

2000 cal ain't that bad is it? 1480 isn't enough to survive on I reckon.
Food diary sounds good, I've let mine wain over the last few weeks....which means I am ignoring the crap I am eating...
Maybe I'll go get a slimming mag in secret & hope to be inspired!

12:22 AM  
Blogger chubba said...

Bron, youre totally right, 2000 isnt so bad at all! It was just a shock to see that what I thought was a low calorie day, was in fact a 'maintaining' calorie day. Which in turn, means all those days I thought I was 'maintaining' I was actually gaining. Fun!

Hows everything going with you? Dude, you should get your own blog.. I'd like to read more about what you're doing!

3:29 PM  

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