Thursday, February 08, 2007

the food diary

Its taken me a little while to get into it, but I'm back using a food diary and it feels good. I've had a couple shocker days, but all in all it seems to be going well. I threw the Slimming magazine food diary in the recycling and have been keeping tabs of my food in a text file (ha! so high tech). Its all cute and colour coded though! I am wishing I owned Excel so I could make my calories and fat add up all by itself instead of me counting on my fingers, its quite tedious!

Exercise, of course, is my down fall! Especially since it's the return of rating season.. holy crap, the tv is so damn good right now! For a while there I wasnt watching tv at all. I would be home all day working, then it would be 10pm and I'd realise the tv hadnt been on once. And it was nice. But geez, who can resist the return of House and Prison Break. And The Biggest Loser has started. And Heroes, My Name is Earl and oh, its just too much for a girl to handle!

My life is so sad...

Speaking of sad, I went shopping on the weekend. I had been avoiding the shops because the boy and I are on a savings mission but we have an engagement and baptism to attend soon so I thought I should start looking. No luck! Everything I liked was always just a tiny bit too tight. About 5 kilos too tight. I am, however, digging the mustard yellows I keep seeing. I must get me a mustard yellow cardigan, so cute!

I think I just blogged out my plan. Less tv + more exercise = 5 kilos gone = cuter clothes for parties.

In other exciting news, our veggie garden is pretty much dead. A caterpillar has grown very fat eating all my spinach and basil. And our tomatoes arent getting enough nutrients (due to the boys suggestion of planting tomatoes in a little planter box!). I have been fertilising and using worm wee but to no avail. The tomatoes will have to be transplanted to my mums real garden.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come back!

1:53 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come back Chubba!

1:59 AM  
Anonymous Faith said...

When I lived in Oz I loved using the food diary, but now I have graduated to where I log my food intake and exercise routines and they provide meal plans, etc. It really is like having my own personal trainer, except it is free.

5:28 AM  
Anonymous Jj said...

Oh gosh, exercise has been my downfall lately too! Isn't it awful?? And married to a, as much as I would love a cook around the house, does it harm the diet efforts??

1:35 AM  

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